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How to Dress like Barbie


Barbie has been a fashion icon longer than almost any living model or fashionista. Yet, she never gets old. If only we could all be so lucky. With her endless style, devoted Ken, perfect proportions, and ageless beauty, it’s no wonder that young girls have wanted to dress like Barbie for more than fifty years.

Barbie brings something entirely new to the concept of unrealistic beauty. We all know that celebrities and actresses on the red carpet have a whole team of experts working on them to make them beautiful. They spend hours in the spa and weeks pouring over outfit possibilities with stylists and consultants. Needless to say, an appearance on the red carpet is the beautiful result of countless hours, dollars, and hardworking people.

Barbie on the other hand is a whole new brand of unrealistic beauty in that, well, she’s plastic. But that hasn’t stopped young girls from striving to look and dress just like her. The great thing about Barbie is that we get to see her even when she’s not wearing a ball gown. We get to see Barbie when she’s bumming on the beach, treating animals, roaming through the safari, making ice cream, and working at the hospital, just to name a few.

With that said, it’s pretty easy to dress like Barbie. Almost anything you put on could technically be classified and Barbie-wear. To date, there are few things that Barbie hasn’t done and few outfits that Barbie hasn’t worn. Barbie is the ultimate fashion icon because she looks great no matter what she wears. To dress like Barbie, keep these things in mind.

•    Barbie even turns the basic t-shirt into something special. In fact, Barbie can be seen wearing a fabulous t-shirt almost as often as she can be seen wearing an evening gown or a pair of high heels. With that, any Barbie inspired wardrobe simply must include a multitude of t-shirts in many different colors that can be mixed and matched at will. Make sure the T-shirts are fitted and show off your assets.
•    Keep on hand a multitude of skirts and dresses of differing styles and lengths. Barbie always has the perfect look for everything. She is also not afraid of style and will wear anything.
•    Make sure to choose tailored pants. Barbie always shows off her great legs by wearing pants that accentuate and hug them.
•    Short shorts and crop tops must definitely be in your wardrobe as Barbie loves to bare a little skin, I mean plastic.
•    High heels are an absolute must. Barbie wears heels with practically everything, so get lots of shoes in lots of colors.
•    Remember to accessorize. Necklaces, belts, purses, hats and scarves all help to pull together a Barbie-like outfit.

To complete your Barbie look, grow your hair very long. Keep your hair in good condition so it always looks shiny and touchable. You must also stay in shape. While it’s easy for Barbie because of her plastic-ness, for people it is important to work hard to maintain that hourglass look. If not the sands will quickly shift and your shape will not be the same.

Start investing your Barbie wardrobe today and be ready for whatever comes your way.

Vanessa Hudgens

How to Dress Like Vanessa Hudgens

Vanessa Hudgens

Vanessa Hudgens has many different styles, reflecting her multifaceted personality. She has casual looks that are stylish and comfortable as well as formal looks that are worn when she is going out on the town for a movie premier or for a photo opportunity. Her causal looks and her formal looks are always in step with the current fashions and are always flattering to her cute figure and striking face.


The casual looks that Vanessa Hudgens wears are usually tight jeans paired with other flattering pieces. Because she has a nice figure, the jeans she wears are usually jeans with a skinny cut and that are form fitting. Many times, her jeans are rolled up at the bottom with a single fold to make the jeans fit her petite figure. To get this look, simply fold your jeans over once to give the bottom of the jeans the same look. She usually has about a four-inch fold at the bottom of her jeans.


Vanessa Hudgens often wears long t-shirts that have either short sleeves or that are sleeveless. She likes wearing band t-shirt for bands that she is interested in, such as Pink Floyd. To get this look, choose a band t-shirt in black. Wear the t-shirt in the smallest size that will fit you in order to get Vanessa Hudgens’ form-fitting look. She often wears a long necklace with a large pendant over her t-shirts.


When she’s going out for an important event, Vanessa Hudgens loves to wear stylish dresses. She wears short dresses and long dresses, usually pairing her dresses with strappy sandals or strappy stiletto heels. She likes to have a metallic theme in her outfits, including her dresses as well as the shoes and accessories that she chooses to go with them. To get Vanessa Hudgens’ look when you dress up, go for the metallics- especially gold.

Some of Vanessa Hudgens’ dresses are completely gold colored. She has worn both short and long dresses in gold. They are shiny, sparkly and very much in style to go out to events and to be photographed in. When she wears a gold dress, she accessorizes it with lots of gold accessories. She often wears lots of gold bracelets with her dresses, no matter what the color of the dress. She also has lots of gold rings and several gold purses that she wears with anything.

Other dresses that she wears are often in either white with gold details, a combination of black and gold or they may be a in a bright jewel tone. If you want a Vanessa Hudgens dress that isn’t gold, go for a long, sleeveless dress in bright red. She is well known for bright dresses that sweep the floor, so look for one in bright blue, green or purple. Pair these dresses with a pair of gold stiletto heels and a small gold clutch purse and you will have the elegant look of Vanessa Hudgens for your next dressy event.

Zac Effron

How To Dress Like Zac Efron

Zac Effron

Zac Efron gained popularity as the male lead in the very popular Disney musical movies “High School Musical”, versions 1, 2 and 3. Zac is a California born guy who despite being in his twenties is best known for playing a high school kid. He is a major heartthrob amongst teenage girls everywhere. His blue eyes and shaggy hair have been known to make quite a few tweens swoon. In fact, many teen boys want to be just like him because he is so desired by girls. Dressing like Zac Efron is a great starting point for Zac wannabes.

Zac is a very casual dresser. Many of his typical choices are T-shirts and jeans or even nice button down shirts with jeans. He often layers a button down shirt over a white tee for a casual all-American look. He also layers with lightweight jackets, like wind breakers. Occasionally, especially if trying to go incognito, Zac pulls on a hoodie. For a slightly less casual occasion, Zac also favors nice sweaters with V-necks or fitted button-down shirts.

He is conservative when it comes to colors and prints. Apart from printed T-shirts, Zac typically avoids prints. His color choices tend to lean towards the typical guy colors like blue, black, green and white. Zac tends to let his hair be the one style thing that stands out as his signature look.

Guys don’t tend to use accessories like girls, however Zac is a fan of knit caps. He can sometimes be seen in other hat styles like fedoras. He also usually wears belts, even with jeans. Another accessory he sometimes grabs is the celebrity standby – dark shades. In terms of footwear, Zac Efron usually wears slip-on shoes and sneakers. He also uses vests as a favorite wardrobe accessory.

When going for a more formal look, Zac favors dark suits. A regular suit with a thin, dark tie offer a youthful but dressy look for special occasions. For the more formal affairs, he is quite comfortable in a black tux and bowtie. Despite dressing very casually on a regular basis, he can do dress-up well and looks great in a suit.

If you want to dress like Zac Efron or want your man to dress like him, having the right things in your wardrobe is the place to start. Invest in some white T-shirts to layer under shirts. Don’t forget to get both crewneck and V-neck. Pick up a few other shirts in typical guy colors to wear alone. You can also opt for custom printing on some of the T-shirts. However, be sure to remember that Zac tends to choose simple geometric designs as opposed to words or anything flashy. Get some straight leg blue and black jeans, a hat or two and some shirts and light jackets for layering, as well as some nice button down fitted shirts for a dressier look. Now you are ready to get dressed.

Get your Zac Efron wardrobe necessities and in no time, you’ll be swarmed by tween and teen girls wanting your autograph or at least a date.

Rachel Bilson

How To Dress Like Rachel Bilson

Rachel Bilson

Rachel Bilson is a dark-haired beauty. The California born and bred actress has made a name for herself in recent years, despite being relatively new to the whole acting scene. She has only been acting on screen since 2003. Her big claim to fame was acting on the popular show The O.C. She has since gone on to do movies. She is presently engaged to Hayden Christensen, who was her co-star in the movie Jumper. Rachel is a lover of fashion and has helped to create a line of clothing through DKNY. The line is named Edie Rose, after her grandmother.

Rachel’s style includes lots of black, with touches of color to brighten it up. She favors long black boots and black tights. She is also not afraid of color and can be seen sporting practically any color of the rainbow when the mood strikes. Many of the outfits she wears have geometric designs on them and those shapes tend to be her favorite prints. Her simple ensembles are often jazzed up by additions she makes to them like a splash of color from carefully chosen accessories.

Rachel Bilson has a love of short skirts and tights. It is one of her favorite looks. She is also big on layering. She often puts a jacket of dresses or top and skirt ensembles. She often wears skinny jeans and fun, interesting tops. While she sometimes dresses up quite a bit, for the most part Rachel Bilson has a definite girl-next-door look. She may be a fashion aficionado but she doesn’t go out on a limb for her own personal style. That makes it even easier to mimic.

Rachel is a lover of accessories. Dark glasses are a must, as they are with so many celebrities. Oversized bags in a variety of colors, with a touch of metallic, add a little glamour. Long necklaces are also a Rachel Bilson staple, as are bangles. She is also a fan of big metal hoop earrings. Rachel is fond of flat shoes and boots, choosing comfort instead of high heels on a regular basis. What a smart lady! She does however wear heels on occasion and for special events. She is also often seen sporting a variety of hats. Scarves are another fashion accessory that Rachel is often seen sporting.

Rest assured that if you are striving to dress like Rachel Bilson, you will find it relatively easy to do. Many of the outfits she wears can easily be recreated from items you’ll find at stores like Forever 21, The Gap, Wet Seal and even Old Navy. You will definitely need to invest in some colorful big bags, skinny jeans, lots of black clothes, flat shoes and boots and some carefully chosen colorful items to spice up your look.

Buy your Rachel Bilson style clothes now for a young, hip look that is sure to attract. Classic looks mixed with a little Hollywood glamour – that’s the Rachel Bilson look.

Lauren Conrad

How To Dress Like Lauren Conrad

Lauren Conrad

Lauren Conrad is an American TV personality who has been on a variety of reality shows despite the fact that she is only 23. The blonde 5’6” actress has also endorsed several products. The TV show that made her most famous is called The Hills on which she appeared on for 5 seasons. She has also spent a chunk of her adult life studying fashion and is presently working with a company to get a line of products out.

Lauren Conrad has a very wider diversity of styles in her wardrobe. However, she seems to have a predominance of white in her wardrobe. She also tends to gravitate towards very short or very long skirts. Many of her outfits are solid colored, which makes it easy to recreate for those who want to mimic her style. For a casual look, Lauren tends to like shorts and T-shirts with fedoras to make a statement. Her T-shirts are often printed with something fun or clever. Flip flops are also a winner when the heat rises, as are oversized glasses.

Unusual tops are a hallmark of Lauren Conrad’s style. She enjoys fun and different necklines in order to draw attention to her upper body. She also likes to dress up a top if it does not have something different about it. She often wears scarves and other accessories. Her accessories are often interesting designs. Lauren also usually carries a medium-sized purse, though will occasionally go for a bigger one. Lauren also tends to choose over-sized sunglasses. These accessories and other little details are what makes the look so unique and in style.

When it comes to the red carpet Lauren is a study in contrast. She has been photographed wearing long flowing dresses with wild prints that touch the floor, short solid color dresses and exciting print dresses. Some of her dresses look very traditional, while others have a distinctly unusual. Much of the jewelry she wears, including red carpet jewelry is minimal. Lauren is a fan of high heels, especially flashy ones.

If you are fascinated with the Lauren Conrad fashion look and want to copy it, nothing could be easier. Since Lauren has her own line of clothing it is a great place to start in order to truly get the look you want. You can get her very own line from Designer Apparel or at Seen On. Another great online destination for anyone who wants to dress like her is .

If you are ready to start dressing like Lauren Conrad, get started checking out every photo you can find of her in order to get a good perception of what her style really is. Break down outfits that you ready like and start collecting the items you need to pull to it all together. Check out online sources as well as the above sites for more up to date on Lauren. In no time you’ll be ressembling Lauren Conrad and be nearly as famous as she is.

Paris Hilton

How to Dress Like Paris Hilton – Fashion & Style Tips

Paris Hilton

Paris Hilton is one of the biggest style icons today for girls and young women. Her style has ushered in a new era for high-end items that are worn like badges of honor. You will rarely see Paris Hilton without at least one or two very high-end clothing items or accessories. To pull off the complete look, you have to know how to blend those items in with other articles of clothing to create a look that is high-end without looking too old. Youthful playfulness is also a part of her look.


Paris Hilton’s wardrobe is all about the accessories. When people notice her outfit, they usually talk about her handbags, sunglasses and jewelry. Like many of the women in her crowd, she often carried very large designer handbags. These are often large enough to house a few changes of outfit as well as daily necessities. These handbags are often very limited-supply bags that cost thousands of dollars. She has been seen with Gucci, Chanel, Fendi and Louis Vuitton handbags most often. The same styles are available for less through other designers who are inspired by the high-end names.

Her sunglasses tend to be very large and dark. And like her handbags, they always come from big names. There are designer-inspired sunglasses on the market just as there are designer handbags, and this can make this look more affordable.


Paris Hilton wears both flats and high heels. She usually chooses designer footwear, and it’s often in gold, pink or another bright color. She likes Louis Vuitton footwear and other designers who offer strappy heels in bright hues. She wears tennis shoes on occasion, and they are also from top-name designers. She has been seen wearing Prada, Gucci and Louis Vuitton tennis shoes and tends to prefer either white or pink for that style of shoe.


Pink is said to be Paris Hilton’s signature color, and she wears it well. She often wears one or two pink pieces that don’t overwhelm the eye but give the overall impression of femininity and fun. When she has casual days, she will often sport pink sweatpants or a pink tracksuit with tennis shoes. On dressier occasions, she loves flowy pink tops work with white or off-white pants. She also wears pink dresses and dresses that have patterns that incorporate pink in them.


Because her style is ultra-feminine, she often wears dresses. She prefers knee-length or longer dresses, though she occasionally wears a dress that is shorter. In general, she wears dresses that are cut deeply in the front and that are made of silk or other fabrics that flow well and don’t cling. She likes to be able to twirl in her dresses for an extra-girlie look, so wear a dress that fits well and isn’t too tight. Her dresses are often in bright colors and if they aren’t dominated by pink they are usually dominated by red or black. She has worn dresses in silver on occasion as well.

How to Dress Like Jeff Hardy

Jeff Hardy is one of the best known wrestlers to young WWE fans. His style is a combination of over-the-top 80s wrestler style and the more modern, more subdued style of professional wrestlers. Because his clothes are fairly simple, it’s easy to copy his over-the-top style and get a look that screams Jeff Hardy.


Because he so often wears nothing but pants, it’s important to get his pants look correct. Jeff Hardy prefers very brightly colored pants to get the attention of everyone in the audience when he’s in the ring. This also translates into a look that he carries over outside of the ring. Look for pants that have bright patterns in highly contrasting colors. Contrasts such as black and pink, black and yellow, and yellow and green are highly contrasting and are easily visible from long distances away. Find pants and patterns that use these colors and you’ll be on your way to achieving Jeff Hardy style.

Make sure that any pants you wear are very, very baggy. The best type to wear are pants that have a loose, drawstring waist. Look for cotton pants that will flow well and will not cling to your legs.

Arm Accessories

Other than his pants, Jeff Hardy is very well known for his arm decorations. These arm decorations are usually black, and they usually have some type of fringe or other adornments on them. They can be made with black strips of fabric tied around the arm loosely all the way up to the elbows. They might also be made by cutting the sleeves off a long-sleeved black t-shirt and cutting large holes in the sleeves and wearing them without a shirt.

Sometimes, Jeff Hardy does wear white arm accessories. These are constructed in much the same way as the black ones. Sometimes they are sheer black. Sheer black arm accessories can be made from an old pair of black pantyhose. Make sure to cut holes up-and-down the length of the arm accessory in order to make it more realistic. There are times when he uses black underneath the white with holes cut in the white to show off circles of black. These arm accessories will be more difficult to construct, but they will showcase typical Jeff Hardy style. The WWEshop website has some replica versions available for purchase for those who don’t want to make their own. If you have a pair of armbands and a pair of bright pants, you already have the look of Jeff Hardy.


When Jeff Hardy does wear a shirt, it’s usually a tank top. He prefers white tank tops but sometimes wears T-shirts. Sometimes, he wears a sheer shirt that shows off his pecs. His sheer shirts have a seam down each side. Sometimes he wears black tank tops with very thin straps. These have spaghetti straps on top to show off the most muscle possible.

For inspiration, there are many Jeff Hardy style T-shirts in the WWEshop website. These have wild color combinations just like Jeff Hardy wears, and many of them have Jeff Hardy’s picture on them.

How to Dress Like Jack Bauer

The television show 24 is one of the most popular TV series on right now. The main character, Jack Bauer, is played by actor Kiefer Sutherland. When it comes to fashion Jack Bauer is a pretty cut and dry guy. But that’s what makes dressing like him so much fun; because it is easily achieved.

Because Jack Bauer dresses like a regular guy it is easy to achieve his look. But his look on the show changes with the situation he finds himself in. You can not only achieve one look for Jack Bauer, but you can base your look on what you are going to be doing.

If you are simply going to be casual most of the time you are in luck. Jack Bauer’s casual look rarely consists of anything more than a pair of regular fit jeans and a comfort-fit long or short sleeve t-shirt topped off with a dark colored lightweight jacket.

The shirts he wears are usually lighter brown and cream colors when worn with the jacket which is a dark brown color. If he is wearing just a shirt the colors tend to be on the darker side. Lots of dark gray and blacks will do the trick. Make sure that the shirts are fit snug to your body but not too tight. On the opposite side of the spectrum do not wear a shirt that is too big. Jack Bauer always wears a nice form fitting shirt but he never tucks them in. His jacket is never buttoned up and always opened –probably to allow easy access to his gun.–

Jack Bauer’s jeans are not tight but are also not to baggy. He seems to wear just a regular cut to a relaxed cut pair of jeans and his belts are either black or brown. He is always on the go and running after or away from bad guys, so it makes sense that his jeans need to be comfortable.

Finding yourself in a dressier situation is alright too as Jack Bauer often finds himself has to look snappy or professional at times on 24. Many times on the show Jack Bauer can be seen in a nice pair of dress pants with a long sleeve button down shirt and a sports blazer. His dress shirts are typically darker grays while his dress pants and sports blazer are usually charcoal or black in color.

Jack Bauer’s shoes will of course vary from situation to situation but they are always black in color. If you really want to complete the look you will need a black lightweight bullet proof vest worn over your shirt, but under your jacket. Add a gun and you have the real thing –though you may not want to carry a gun.–

Now complete the look by not shaving for a couple of days to achieve a nice scruff on your face. Keep your hair short if you want to totally look like Jack Bauer. Now you will have the look and feel of what it is like to be Jack Bauer –without all the bullets being shot at you.–

How to Dress Like the Jonas Brothers

The Jonas Brothers are a group of guys who really know how to dress. They have such impeccable style that guys, and even girls, around the world are imitating the style. To get a style that is similar to the Jonas Brothers, is important to know how to pair jackets, shirts, pants and ties in new and interesting ways.


While the Jonas Brothers may wear a lot of suits, they aren’t the kind of suits that your grandparents wore. These are the flashy suits that have decorative piping and come in metallic colors in many cases. They love to wear light-colored suits with dark piping and dark suits with lighter details. To get the look of the Jonas Brothers suits, get a color scheme in mind first. They like light grays, whites and light neutral tones.

Then, find pieces that go together but that don’t necessarily match perfectly. Make sure your pants and jacket match, but keep the shirt and tie from being the exact same color. You might pair cotton or linen pants with a satin jacket like this one worn recently by one of the Jonas Brothers.


All three of the Jonas Brothers wear ties regularly. These ties can be striped or solid color. Most often, the ties have horizontal, slightly diagonal stripes. Choose neutral colors with your tie. While the occasional Jonas Brother may choose a red or orange tie, they generally wear neutrals colors rather than flashier ties. If you do choose a color, make sure it has diagonal stripes to go with the usual Jonas brother style. Also, make sure you don’t wear your tie tied too tightly. The Jonas Brothers love to loosen up their ties for a chic look but is also a little bit casual. They generally keep the buttons at the top of the collar and loosen the tie to match.

Shirts and Jackets

The Jonas Brothers favor button-up shirts in white and cream. They sometimes wear brown or maybe blue as well. Sometimes they choose striped shirts, and are fond of white shirts with light blue or gray stripes. The shirts can then be worn with a casual jacket if the Jonas Brothers are wearing suits at the time. The Jonas Brothers often wear casual jackets and colors with lots of beiges and browns. Sometimes the jackets are brown with beige accents, and sometimes they are maybe with lighter colored details.

If you don’t have a jacket on, roll up your sleeves. The Jonas Brothers are fond of the rolled-up sleeves look and often roll them up when they are in casual situations. For other casual occasions, they choose to wear crewneck t-shirts with dark pants or with jeans. They also wear a lot of vests with their t-shirts as well as with their suits. If you have a plain, casual t-shirt, pairing it with a neutral colored vest will make it look much more like a Jonas Brothers outfit. If you have a plaid flannel shirt, this will also work well it can be worn with a vest or jacket or on its own.