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Tauren Conrad

Lauren Conrad Fashion & Style Guide

Tauren Conrad

Lauren Conrad is one of the biggest trendsetters in today’s fashion. She is known for her short skirts and her fun, flirty look. Not only does she study fashion and work in fashion, she also loves it. She also has her own fashion line that reflects her own personal fashion taste. If you want to get started dressing like Lauren Conrad, start by trying a few looks from her clothing line. Like the clothes that Lauren Conrad wears, her clothing line is full of lots of short dresses, short skirts and tiny shorts. It also has a number of flowing tops that can be paired with anything from jeans to an elegant straight skirt.


Lauren Conrad always dresses in a very feminine style. She often wears dresses for the most casual occasions. She has daytime dresses for work or for hanging out with friends and shopping. She also has nighttime dresses that are made from richer fabrics and are in deeper colors.

Choose a dress from Lauren Conrad’s dress collection to get one that looks like the ones she wears. Her dresses are flowy and feminine and look like the dresses that she is often seen in. Several of them are extremely short- shorter than mid-thigh. She is often seen wearing dresses this short, so try one to get her dressy look down. Like her dress collection, some of the dresses she wears have no waist and some have a belted waist.

Lauren Conrad’s dresses are usually low cut and have plenty of draping. If you can’t get dresses from her collection, look for dresses that are Grecian in style, with free-flowing fabric in a solid color. Baby doll dresses that have an empire waist or no waist at all are perfect to capture Lauren Conrad’s look. Wear a baby doll dress in burgundy or purple to capture her nighttime look. For day time, choose softer colors or high-energy patterns in bright colors.


Like her dresses, Lauren Conrad prefers her tops to flow well and to be in rich colors. Some of her tops are in black, but many are in deep shades of purple, gray or red. She prefers v-necks or scoop-neck tops in most of her outfits.


Lauren Conrad is often seen in metallic flip-flops when she’s out shopping or hanging out with friends. She wears the flip-flops with short dresses to give them a more casual look. With her evening dresses, Lauren Conrad prefers high heels. She often wears peep-toe heels in black, beige or gray. Her heels sometimes have an ankle strap to give the outfit a retro look. Sometimes the heels she wears are very plain, neutral-colored shoes with no details.

To pull off the perfect Lauren Conrad look, always keep femininity in mind. Add elegant, feminine details that you can add to your outfit, such as a small purse with a feminine print or a tiny gold necklace with an understated pendant will work well with your flirty dress and your flip-flops or high heels.

Lauren Conrad

How To Dress Like Lauren Conrad

Lauren Conrad

Lauren Conrad is an American TV personality who has been on a variety of reality shows despite the fact that she is only 23. The blonde 5’6” actress has also endorsed several products. The TV show that made her most famous is called The Hills on which she appeared on for 5 seasons. She has also spent a chunk of her adult life studying fashion and is presently working with a company to get a line of products out.

Lauren Conrad has a very wider diversity of styles in her wardrobe. However, she seems to have a predominance of white in her wardrobe. She also tends to gravitate towards very short or very long skirts. Many of her outfits are solid colored, which makes it easy to recreate for those who want to mimic her style. For a casual look, Lauren tends to like shorts and T-shirts with fedoras to make a statement. Her T-shirts are often printed with something fun or clever. Flip flops are also a winner when the heat rises, as are oversized glasses.

Unusual tops are a hallmark of Lauren Conrad’s style. She enjoys fun and different necklines in order to draw attention to her upper body. She also likes to dress up a top if it does not have something different about it. She often wears scarves and other accessories. Her accessories are often interesting designs. Lauren also usually carries a medium-sized purse, though will occasionally go for a bigger one. Lauren also tends to choose over-sized sunglasses. These accessories and other little details are what makes the look so unique and in style.

When it comes to the red carpet Lauren is a study in contrast. She has been photographed wearing long flowing dresses with wild prints that touch the floor, short solid color dresses and exciting print dresses. Some of her dresses look very traditional, while others have a distinctly unusual. Much of the jewelry she wears, including red carpet jewelry is minimal. Lauren is a fan of high heels, especially flashy ones.

If you are fascinated with the Lauren Conrad fashion look and want to copy it, nothing could be easier. Since Lauren has her own line of clothing it is a great place to start in order to truly get the look you want. You can get her very own line from Designer Apparel or at Seen On. Another great online destination for anyone who wants to dress like her is .

If you are ready to start dressing like Lauren Conrad, get started checking out every photo you can find of her in order to get a good perception of what her style really is. Break down outfits that you ready like and start collecting the items you need to pull to it all together. Check out online sources as well as the above sites for more up to date on Lauren. In no time you’ll be ressembling Lauren Conrad and be nearly as famous as she is.