2009 fashion

2009: What Not to Wear

2009 fashion

Being on TLC’s reality show, “What Not to Wear,” is not something most people aspire to. Family members and friends nominate a sucker with bad fashion sense, and the show’s hosts (Stacy London and Clinton Kelly) swoop in to clean the victim’s closet. Armed with a $5,000 budget, they offer fashion tips, go shopping in swanky boutiques and produce a well-heeled man or woman with infinitely more pizzazz and polish. If only we could do a makeover for the entire world, life would be good. It seems that with so many fashion directions to go in, there’s always someone taking a wrong turn!

With a new decade just around the corner, it’s time to start cleaning out the closets and getting rid of those no-no’s of the past few years. For 2009, here are are a few over-and-done-with trends to avoid.

1.    Sagging, oversized pants.
The gangsta look is dead and gone, so get rid of those pants that oh-so-subtly display your undergarments to the world. Time to get some trousers that do what they’re supposed to: fit.

2.    Too many accessories. Forget the bulky chains and gaudy bling-bling. Beautiful Bohemian prints are showing up in many designers’ collections, but go easy on the accessories. Wearing too much jewelry can send the wrong message about what you do in your off-hours. Keep accessories simple and clean, without a hint of bling. That means one (small) necklace at a time, one ring per hand, and one earring per ear.

3.    Too much color. While pale pastels and acid neons from the 90’s are making their way back onto the runways, be cautious when incorporating these colors into your wardrobe. Try using just one bold item at a time to spice up a look. Don’t mix a lot of these colors together, or you’ll glow—and not in a good way.

4.    Casual attire at the office. Leave the flirty sundresses and novelty t-shirts at home if it’s time to head to work. Tailored is in for office attire, so keep fun and formal separate. Anything that will do for an outdoor cocktail hour is an office “don’t”.

5.    Flip flops. Flap, flap, flap, flap.
You hear them coming before you can see them. Flip flop wearers of the world take note: these noisy sandals are not cool unless you’re going to the beach. They’re especially not cool at the office, or anywhere where you want to make a positive impression. Flip flops don’t look good with any outfit that’s not made of Lycra, and they definitely don’t sound good, so leave them in the beach bag.

6.    Bluetooth headsets. These handy little gadgets were never meant to be a fashion accessory, so don’t act like they are. Wearing a bluetooth headset in your ear doesn’t make you look cool; it makes you look like a fool. Everyone knows you’re not as important as you think you are.

With a bit of “what not to wear” advice, 2009 will be the year you make a positive fashion impact, even without the extra $5,000 to work with! Find a few pieces you love, and work them with class.

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