How To Look Like A Skater Chick

If you are a girl that loves skateboarding then you will certainly be a fan of the skater chick look. Even girls who never touch a skateboard have a fascination with the skater chick style and often emulate it in the hopes of attracting a skater guy or simply to look cool. If you know the right things to wear, you too can look like a cool skater chick.

Wearing the right clothes will definitely help to create your skater chick look. You need to start with the right shorts. Invest in cargo shorts or other baggie shorts with pockets that provide movement. Wear a welt to keep them up. You can either go for a hard core style belt with studs and lots of metal or opt for a more feminine looking belt to round out your look. If it is too cold for shorts or you’d just prefer something else, skinny jeans work well for a skater chick look. Opt for dark jeans that are somewhat distressed. If they are not distressed, add some strategic holes for a hot look.

T-shirts are absolutely required to create the genuine skater chick look. This is where you get to express some of your own individuality. Printed tees in black or white are the most popular with skater chicks, although you will see other colors as well. Remember though that skater chicks rarely wear pink.

You can get a wide variety of printed T-shirts to wear for your new skater chick look. You can choose ones that already have stuff printed on them or choose to have your own made. If you decide to go with customized shirts you can have anything you’d like printed on them. Make a design of your very own, have a photo printed on one or have any text you want printed on a shirt. You can make jokes, label yourself, make a statement or tell things about yourself. Customized tees are a perfect medium for self-expression for any skater chick.

Choosing the right accessories is very important for the skater chick look. Opt for skateboard shoes that are Vans or similar in style to that brand. If you choose skate shoes that require laces, get the fat laces that you can leave untied. Add some jewelry that is a little hardcore. Bracelets should be tight to the arm. Chains can be used for necklaces. Outerwear for skater chicks is always oversized hoodies that zip up.

Go for a messy hairdo to round out your skater chick look. In fact, having it extra long over one eye is typical of the skater chick look. Most skater chicks also go for dark hair, even dying it if they need to. A stripe of color like red, blue or green can add a little edge to your look also.

Of course, actually having a skateboard and using it will make you look like a skater chick too. So learn the moves. Get outfitted now for a cool skater chick look. It’s an easy, hot look for you to create.

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