How to Pack T-Shirts without Wrinkling Them

Most t-shirts generally don’t wrinkle too badly when kept in a drawer or a closet. However, when the t-shirts are packed, it’s a different story all together. The tightly-packed atmosphere of a suitcase or duffel bag can mean that the t-shirt will come away with a large number of wrinkles if it is not packed correctly.

Packing a t-shirt the right way is mostly a matter of folding them correctly and placing them into the suitcase the right way.  The folding can be done in one of two ways. The first and most common way is to fold the t-shirts so that there are the fewest number of creases possible. The creases should mainly happen where there is a seam. The sleeves can be folded at the seam and placed behind the front of the shirt. The whole shirt can then be folded once across the middle to minimize the amount of creases and wrinkles.

The best way to make sure that the t-shirt is not wrinkled at all is to pack the folded t-shirt in a suitcase or bag that is not overfilled. Just about anything that is packed in a stuffed suitcase, no matter what type of fabric it’s made of, will wrinkles. The weight and pressure of too many items in the suitcase will force harder creases and wrinkles into the clothing. It will result in wrinkles in the t-shirts as well as everything else in the suitcase. If you have a lot of things to pack, carry an extra bag to prevent the items being smashed together too tightly.

The other way to pack t-shirts is a less common way to do it, but it can result in zero wrinkles if done correctly. The folding is actually done by rolling the t-shirts instead of the traditional fold. Lay the t-shirt out flat in front of you and start at the collar. Continue to the end, rolling the entire shirt into a loose roll. Rolling it too tightly can leave a few wrinkles in it. But, like the other folding method, wrinkles can be pressed into the t-shirts by packing them too tightly into the bag.

The rolling method of t-shirt folding is not only good for preventing wrinkles, it is also a good space saver. It reduces the amount of space needed for the t-shirts and enables them to be packed into the odd-sized spaces left in the suitcase. Just don’t be tempted to fill in the extra space with too many new items.

Some people also use tissue paper to put a little extra space in between their items. A sheet or two of tissue paper can be placed on top of each item to give it a little more cushion. This prevents the t-shirts from becoming packed too closely to other items and coming away with deep creases.

For another layer of insurance, use a hard-sided suitcase. This ensures that the items in the suitcase won’t be smashed by rough handling or by being stored too closely to other suitcases. By taking a little care, you can ensure that the t-shirts arrive at their destination wrinkle-free and ready to wear.

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