Creating custom t-shirts has never been easier

In your list of must-haves, custom t-shirts are sure to be somewhere on the top, irrespective of how many you already own! What happens when you don’t buy a custom t-shirt? Picture this, you put your money together and buy a nice and expensive branded t-shirt. You decide to flaunt it at the next do at your friend’s place. But when you get there, you find to your horror someone else sporting the same exact tee! Bye, bye good money, you are wearing a shirt that everyone else has!!

Now won’t it be just great, if you could design one on your own that’ll not only be cheap, but unique, displaying your very own creation on your chest and back? Well, it is no possible to design your own custom t-shirt.

Your very own custom t-shirts

If a t-shirt idea has been lurking in your mind for long and is longing for expression, help is at hand. Even if you’re creatively challenged, you could still design your own tee. This is because, today, anyone can create a custom t-shirt online. There are some really cool sites that offer this service including and

A typical site offers quick and easy steps to fill up the blank canvas of your tee. This involves selecting a tee, giving or choosing a design and placing the order. Let’s see what a typical custom t-shirt site has to offer:

a. Product: Blank tees in numerous styles and price ranges are available at the site. Once you select your style and color, you can either upload you own graphics to create your own design or use thousands of images and hundreds of fonts offered by the site. The site’s production team will review each order and recommend design improvements, if necessary. After all, they possess the creative eye! This done, your products are then decorated using high quality screen-printing, embroidery or whatever else you’ve opted for.

b. Pricing: Most sites are quite transparent about the pricing, but these can vary. The prices are generally based on the quantity, color and the brand of the blank item you select, as also for the screen-printing, the number of colors you use in your design. So, look for the most competitive prices online, where there are no hidden charges and shipping is free. You’re sure to find such sites. Word-of-mouth testimonials of friends and colleagues are a great way to choose such sites.

c. Minimums: Some sites stipulate a minimum, that is, you’ve to order a minimum of six pieces for screen printing or twelve pieces for embroidery and the like. This is basically to make the design cost-effective. However, many sites including ours require NO MINIMUMS for custom t-shirts using new technology of DTG (Direct to Garment).

d. Delivery: This varies greatly, as some sites offer a 24 to 48 hour turn around time, while some can ask for as much as fourteen days for delivery.

e. Guarantee: This is important and should be insisted upon. You don’t want to end up with a tee that doesn’t look like the one you designed! So, look for sites that offer money-back guarantee.

f. Payment: The usual modes of payment are credit or debit cards, checks, purchase orders (generally for institutions, like universities, corporations, and the like).

Designing your own custom t-shirt is fun. With online designing tools offered by various sites, it’s quick and easy too. So, don’t let your creativity perish within, reproduce it on your tee and get an edge over others!

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