Should I Let My Girlfriend Wear My T-Shirt?

Girlfriends love to wear their boyfriends’ t-shirt. It’s a fact of life that probably stretches back to the ancient Egyptians. Somewhere there was an Egyptian girlfriend who wanted to wear her boyfriend’s linen cloth and pleaded to do so. Men’s clothes are often big on their girlfriends and are therefore comfortable to wear. For lounging around, your girlfriend may love to put on your t-shirts to relax. Most boyfriends do let their girlfriends wear their t-shirts for several reasons, but there are also a few reasons why you might not want her to do so.


The main reason to do so is often because your girlfriend will look cute in your t-shirt. Many boyfriends love to see their girlfriends wearing their t-shirt just because of the cuteness factor.

Another good reason is that it keeps you firmly in your girlfriend’s mind. You can’t be far from her thoughts when she’s walking around in your t-shirt. For some guys, this is a nice thought to have while going about their day. They will know that their girlfriend is thinking about them all day.

If you’re the jealous type, you might like knowing that your girlfriend is wearing a t-shirt that shows that she has a boyfriend. The t-shirt is a reminded to others that she is in a relationship with someone. If you don’t have a t-shirt that looks specifically like an unmistakable guy’s shirt, get one and let her wear it. It will make her happy to know that you want her to wear your shirt and it will make you happy to know that other people can see that she’s taken.


The biggest con for many guys is that because of simple differences in anatomy, the t-shirt may be stretched into a slightly different shape when your girlfriend wears it. This will be more prominent with some girlfriends than with others, but it will likely be a factor with any girlfriend who wears her boyfriend’s t-shirt. This may not be enough to deter you from letting her wear one or two of your t-shirts, but if all of them get stretched out of their original shape you may start getting annoyed about the whole situation. If it’s a problem, you might simply tell her that there are two t-shirts she can wear and that the rest have to be off limits.

Another con is that the t-shirt may not get back to you for awhile. Unless you live together, you can’t be quite sure when you’ll get it back. She might want to wash it first and it may get stuck at the bottom of a huge pile of laundry. She might put off washing it and make you wait to get it back. She may even lose it somewhere in her home. If the t-shirt means a lot to you, be sure that your girlfriend understands this or you might end up with a serious problem on your hands. A relationship should never get rocky over wearing a t-shirt.

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