Should I Wear A T-Shirt When In The Pool Or Swimming?

Whether or not to wear a T-shirt when in the pool or swimming is a complicated question to answer. T-shirts, especially light weight ones, are very easy to swim in and for many people may be more comfortable than even a bathing suit. However there are many things to take into account in deciding whether or not to wear one in the water.

If you are swimming competitively, you will not want to wear a T-shirt in the pool because it will slow you down by creating drag in the water. If you are training to swim competitively, you may want to wear a T-shirt in the pool occasionally during practice because it will force you to work harder to get through the water.

If you are a guy, you may want to keep your T-shirt on for a variety of reasons. If you are not comfortable with certain aspects of your body like your size, body hair, scars or other imperfections, you may choose to wear a t-shirt in the water. If you are outside, a T-shirt can actually provide some added protection from the sun, therefore it may be a good choice to wear in the water. This is especially important for those who are fair-skinned and burn easily.

For women, wearing a T-shirt in the pool or while swimming is often a modesty issue. Many women are not comfortable with their body shape or size and want to disguise it or at least downplay it by hiding under an oversized T-shirt. They may also not want the attention received from wearing a bathing suit. The thing to remember though is that once the T-shirt gets wet, it shows your shape as much as a bathing suit would.

T-shirt color choice is important if you plan to wear it in the water. If you decide to go into the water wearing just a bathing suit bottom and a T-shirt, you want to stay away from white and light colored T-shirts, because you will end up being revealed once you are wet. If you choose a darker color shirt and go into a chlorinated pool, remember that in all likelihood, your T-shirt will suffer some discoloration. If you are wearing a newer colored T-shirt, especially one that has not been washed yet, it is a good idea to avoid pools because you may end up dying the entire pool water, which will not make you popular with the pool owner or your fellow swimmers.

If you have a tendency to like wearing T-shirts in the pool or while swimming, you can have some fun with it by having a custom-made pool T-shirt printed just for that purpose. You can have lots of fun lines printed on such a T-shirt like:
•    Yes, this IS my bathing suit
•    Official Swimming T-Shirt
•    I heart my swimming tee
•    This is to protect my modesty

Get your custom-made T-shirt today for swimming, hanging out in the pool or just relaxing by the water.

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