Should You Wear an Autographed T-Shirt or Hang It in Your Room?

An autographed t-shirt is a one-of-a-kind keepsake that is a good way to remember an event or to have as a souvenir of meeting a person. With an autographs t-shirt, eventually the owner has to make the decision about whether to wear to t-shirt or to hang it on the wall to keep it safe. Which one you choose will probably depend on how much the autograph is worth and how badly you want to show it off to others.

If the autograph is one that is rare or valuable, it’s probably best to keep the t-shirt hanging on the wall rather than wearing it. Wearing the t-shirt will put it in danger of becoming stained. If the part of the shirt that is autographed has something spilled on it, the autograph my run or even become obscured completely by the stain. In these cases, the t-shirt can easily be ruined.

Even if the autograph isn’t rare or valuable, it may be an autograph that you won’t have the chance to get again. In these cases, it’s also probably best to keep the t-shirt hanging in your room rather than to wear it outside the house. It will keep this souvenir under your own control rather than under the control of outside forces like rain and spilled drinks.

If the autograph is less rare or is one that you simply have to show off, you might choose to wear it so that it gets displayed to your envious friends. While wearing the autographed shirt, make sure not to eat or drink anything that can ruin the shirt. Wearing it to dinner shouldn’t be done unless you have a jacket or sweater to wear on top of it to keep it safe from stains.

If you choose to hang it on the wall instead of wearing it, it should be hung properly to keep the autograph from fading. The t-shirt can be hung over a bar to showcase the area that was autographed. It can also be hung on a wooden or padded hanger and suspended from a hook on the wall. However, anything hung on the wall where it will get direct sunlight will make it eventually fade. Look for a space on the wall that gets very indirect light or that is in a shadow. This will be the best place to hang the t-shirt to keep the color of the fabric and the color of the autograph vibrant.

But, for a rare or valuable autograph, the t-shirt should be put behind glass before hung on the wall to keep it from being discolored. This keeps indoor air pollution, sunlight and other environmental issues from discoloring the fabric. To do this properly, the t-shirt is affixed to the back of the framed area and the glass is placed in front of it with space left between the glass and the t-shirt. If the glass is against the t-shirt, it can cause the shirt to grow mildew. For the best results, getting a professional framer can make a big difference.

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