Plastic shirt

T-Shirts from Recycled Materials – Cotton and Plastic Bottle T-Shirts

Plastic shirt

Coca Cola announced that they will soon be selling t-shirts that are made from a blend of cotton and recycled plastic bottles. Each shirt has five plastic bottles for a total of 50% recycled plastic bottles and 50% cotton. The shirts are made in the U.S. The t-shirts have phrases such as “Don’t hate me because I’m plastic”, “Make your plastic fantastic”, and “Rehash your Trash”. The goal of the shirts is to promote recycling of used bottles into renewable products. The shirts will start of being sold in Wal-Marts around the world during Earth Month. You can also buy a recycled bottle t-shirt from Coca Cola direct. Via Hippy Shopper.

One thought on “T-Shirts from Recycled Materials – Cotton and Plastic Bottle T-Shirts

  1. Lisa

    Not sure why it took so long- Land’s End ( and other companies I’m sure) has been making their polar fleece from recycled pop bottle for YEARS.
    Cuirois to know what the fabric feels like- will it have gross polyester feel?

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