T-Shirts Make Great Economical Christmas Gifts During the Recession

The recession is making everyone nervous about the state of their own finances. It is also making it harder for a lot of people to buy big, expensive gifts for the holidays. But, that’s no reason that less expensive gifts can’t be just as personal and just as much fun to give as well as to receive. You may not be able to give expensive gifts this year, but you can gift gifts that are cherished even more.

Sometimes when giving more expensive gifts, the real thought and personal expression is lost behind the impressiveness of the price tag. Some people want to impress the recipient so badly with an expensive gift that they forget that the gift should connect the giver and receiver. It should be a way of showing how well you know the person and to show that you want them to have something special.

To do this inexpensively, there are literally millions of possible t-shirt designs. It is possible to create a personalized design that will not be found on any other t-shirt on the planet. That’s a far more personal statement than something that has been mass produced and is available anywhere.

To do this simply, the t-shirt can have the person’s favorite expression on it. It can have their favorite animal, or it can have a favorite picture on it. The t-shirt can be the person’s favorite color and it can use the type of imagery they enjoy best. A sarcastic friend or relative can be treated to a sarcastic saying or a cynical cartoon drawing. A romantic friend can receive a flowery t-shirt designed with pastels.

T-shirts for kids are particularly easy to design, and kids love them. A kids’ t-shirt can feature their favorite animal and their favorite background color for a t-shirt that a young child will treasure. The t-shirt can feature the child’s initials for an even more personal touch to the shirt. A funny saying will make a t-shirt special to an older child or a teenager. It also shows that you understand the child’s sense of humor. This is a personal gift that can’t be given with a pricy piece of electronics or a piece of impersonal, designer clothing. It’s something that the recipient will cherish long after a more impersonal gift would have been forgotten.

A t-shirt that has a special family picture on the front is one that just about anyone will appreciate receiving. A childhood photo can be a fun reminder of good times. A wedding picture can be a special reminder of that important day. The t-shirt may also have a collage of different pictures that are important to the recipient of the t-shirt. This is a unique, personal gift that the recipient can’t get anywhere else.

You can even take the time to design or decorate a t-shirt yourself. A gift like this is one that is truly personal and extremely thoughtful. It’s a gift that shows you’ve put something far more precious than money into it- you’ve used your time and creativity to make the gift special and unique.

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