How to Get Bubble Gum Out of Your T-Shirt or Clothing

Getting bubble gum out of clothing can look like a difficult prospect. But, without making an attempt to remove it, the bubble gum will ruin the article of clothing. Bubble gum creates such a mess in clothing that it would be difficult to wear any item while it still has gum on it. There are a number of ways to get bubble gum out of clothing, so if one method doesn’t work for you, simply try another.

One of the most popular methods for removing gum is to use the freezing method. This requires the use of ice cubes and a knife in order to get the gum out of the fabric. To use this method, hold at least one ice cube up to the gum for several minutes. Keep applying the ice until the gum is frozen all the way through. Then, it is just a matter of breaking apart the frozen gum. Once the gum has been frozen, it will act like any other frozen substance and should be easy to break apart.

If there is a large area of gum on the t-shirt or piece of clothing, you might try shattering the gum against a hard object and then using the knife to scrape away the remaining gum from the fabric. If the area of gum is fairly small, jus t use the knife to break away the gum. This can take some time to get all of the particles scraped away, but it is generally a very effective method.

Another way to get the gum out is to use peanut butter to separate the gum from the fabric. This has the potential to stain the garment, however. To use peanut butter, use a knife to scrape the gum while pressing peanut butter into it. This will cause the bubble gum to lose its ability to stick to the fabric. It will begin falling off as it becomes affected by the oils in the peanut butter.

Vinegar can also be used to get the gum out of the article of clothing. To use vinegar, pour some into a cup and heat it up in a microwave. Get it good and hot through not boiling. Use a small brush or a toothbrush to apply the vinegar to the bubble gum. Dip it straight into the vinegar and use it to brush the gum with the substance to remove the gum. Keep dipping the brush into the vinegar and brushing it into the gum. If the vinegar cools off to room temperature, reheat it again in the microwave.

Some people apply liquid laundry detergent to bubble gum and then rub it into the gum. This can be done with a brush or with the fingers. Once the liquid has mixed with the bubble gum, scrape the mixture away from the fabric. This will be a slow process but it will not stain the fabric the way that bubble gum can. Using a fingernail or a pair of tweezers may make it easier to remove the last few pieces of bubble gum when using this method.

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