How to Clean a Chocolate Stain From a T-Shirt

Chocolate can be a very difficult thing to get out of t-shirt. It is sticky and thick, making it easy for chocolate to attach itself to fabric. Unless it is removed properly, chocolate can ruin a t-shirt. But with a little effort, it is possible to get all of the chocolate out of your t-shirt.

Once chocolate is spilled on a y-shirt, it’s important to quickly remove as much as possible. You may need to scrape away some the chocolate to remove it from the fabric. To do this, use a brush to scrub away as much chocolate as possible. Use a scrub brush or tooth brush to scrub the fabric in just one direction rather than back and forth. This will minimize the amount of damage that can occur to the fabric. This will lift away some of the chocolate. To keep it away from your t-shirt, press a cotton cloth into the stain to take away the chocolate you have lifted out.

Once you get the excess chocolate out of the fabric, you’ll need to get the rest of it out. To do this, you will need a strong cleaner that can lift the stain away from the fibers. Washing powder is a good, neutralizing substance that can be extremely good for moving this type of stain. You can make a paste out of equal parts of water and washing powder. Press this mixture into the fabric and brush it into the fibers. Then, let the mixture sit and soak into the fabric. This will allow the washing powder to separate the chocolate from the fibers.

When this is completed, wash away the mixture with very cold water. Using hot water can set the stain if any chocolate is left behind. Once you have washed in cold water, try a pre-treating stain solution if any chocolate has remained behind. Let that solution sits on the t-shirt for as long as the directions indicate. Then, wash it in the laundry as usual.

If the chocolate spills on a white t-shirt, it is much easier to remove the chocolate stain. Simply use a small amount of bleach directly on the t-shirt to remove the stain. Using a small amount that is applied with a cotton swab will keep you from applying too much bleach. Bleach can weaken fabrics, so it’s best to use as little as possible. Use the cotton swab to paint the bleach all over the stain. Allow the T-shirt to sit for at least 15 minutes in order to let the bleach do its work.

Check on the t-shirt periodically to make sure it that the stain is fading. You may need to add slightly more bleach if any chocolate remains on the shirt. Once the chocolate stain has faded, rinse the bleached area in cold water and wash the t-shirt in the laundry on cold. If you have used bleach, be sure to wash your t-shirt only with other whites to avoid bleaching the other clothing.

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