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Nick Jonas

How to Dress Like Nick Jonas

Nick Jonas

Nick Jonas is the lead singer of the Jonas Brothers Band that features the three brothers singing all kinds of poppy music on the Disney Channel and beyond. The group’s fame has lead them all the way to their own television show on the Disney Channel called JONAS. Among teenagers there is probably no other male artist today that has the popularity that Nick Jonas does with the younger ladies. Add that to the fact that he has dated –or at least was rumored to have dated- Miley Cyrus (Niley) and it is no wonder why so many teenage boys now want to dress like him.

Jonas has a classic cool look about him and seems to resemble some of the rockers of yesteryear but he always puts his own flair on the style as well. Here are some ways that you can go about dressing like Nick Jonas:

•    Skinny jeans: Like many teenagers these days, Jonas like to go with skinny jeans. If you are not a fan of skinny jeans you will need to go with a tight pair of jeans otherwise the look is instantly lost. Stick with darker colors when selecting your skinny jeans as that is what Jonas is usually wearing.
•    Shirts and tops: Jonas likes to layer his shirts and tops and will usually wear an undershirt followed by a t-shirt and then top it all off with a light jacket. The jacket should be vintage and lightweight and you should leave it unbuttoned to get the full effect. If the jacket has a collar, be sure to go classic Jonas style and ‘pop’ up the collar. You can also go with another one of Jonas’ favorite styles and wear a muscle shirt that is sleeveless and looks like it came out of the seventies. When Jonas does this style shirt he usually has an odd pattern like horizontal stripes and he never wears what are known as ‘wife beaters.’
•    Shoes: This is the easiest part of Jonas’ ensemble to nail. All you need is a pair of Converse high tops that are a lighter color and you will nail the Nick Jonas shoe look. Jonas wears his Converse with just about every outfit he has.
•    Accessories: Jonas likes to accessorize and does so in a wide variety of ways. Sometimes Jonas will sport his now tell-tail scarf that he sometimes let hang and other times wraps around his neck. Other times Jonas likes to wear a button down shirt and top it off with a loosely tied neck tie. His neck ties will range from a traditional color like red or navy blue on one night and then a wild and whacky color like lime green on another, it really just depends on the outfit he is wearing. He also has a number of necklaces he likes to wear from time to time. So the point is to go with something to decorate your neckline and you can’t miss.

No just practice his famous jump that he does on stage and maybe get some voice lessons and you too will be driving the girls crazy.

Jonas Brothers

What to Wear to a Jonas Brothers Concert!

Jonas Brothers

Congratulations are in order! You have scored tickets to one of the hottest acts on the planet right now — the Jonas Brothers! These smokin’ hot guys from New Jersey are also amazingly talented, so it is no surprise they were recently nominated for Best New Artist at the 51st Grammy Awards. The brothers’ upcoming world tour will give the most devoted fans from around the globe a chance to see what’s made them so popular, so if you’re still waiting for a ticket, don’t worry. There will still be plenty of tickets up for grabs!

When you are trying to decide what to wear to a Jonas Brothers concert, first decide if you want to dress up or go with a more casual look. Concerts can be kind of tricky in this area. You will probably be standing for most of the time, which could mean you will be standing for several hours from the time you get into the gates until you get back to your car. So it’s a good idea to wear clothing and footwear that is comfortable. But to catch the eye of Joe, Nick or Kevin, you will also need to wear something that stands out a bit, and a white t-shirt and shorts probably won’t do that (unless the t-shirt says something really cool).

•    If you are thinking about going with a more casual look, you could buy a Jonas Brothers t-shirt from their website. This is an easy way to show your love for the boys and look great while doing it. On their site you can find lots of cute babydoll shirts and tank tops with really cool JB graphics, and it’s all the same stuff that is available at their concerts (except you don’t have to stand in line!)

•    If you don’t want to look like everyone else, then you should consider a more dressy look. Maybe you could wear a pretty sundress with a t-shirt under it, or a sequined top with skinny jeans. Don’t wear clothes that show too much skin though.

•    The shoes you choose to wear are also very important. Don’t even think about wearing heels, because your feet will hurt the whole time and you won’t be able to enjoy the show as much. Sandals are OK, but you might get your toes stepped on. Sneakers are a good choice, maybe Vans or Converse. Boots will probably be too uncomfortable after a while.

•    Don’t wear a short skirt or something that will get flipped up easily. If you have a short skirt that you really like, wear a pair of shorts underneath instead.

•    To look really unique, try creating your own shirt to let Nick, Kevin and Joe know how you really feel about them! Use your imagination and come up with a totally creative design. Joe says he likes girls who dress differently.

•    Wear clothing that won’t show dirt and sweat easily.

•    If you will be meeting the Jonas Brothers (you lucky thing), pull out all the stops! Wear your very best outfit, and show them your real self without getting too crazy. No one likes being drooled on.

•    Have the most amazing time!