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What To Wear In San Francisco In The Night


San Francisco has a wide variety of exciting nightlife options. It really does offer something for everyone. The large population of college students means that there is a definitely a nightlife for young people. The large gay and lesbian population has an array of choices for evening entertainment from the most casual to the more upscale of places. There are also many cultural events that attract the well-bred and the well-educated. In addition San Francisco offers the typical nightlife offerings of any big city.

If you are planning to go clubbing in San Francisco, what to wear will depend on the type of club you are going to and the population it attracts. For clubs targeting college-aged kids, young sexy trends are commonly seen, especially on girls. However, many students opt for jeans and a great looking top. The high-end clubs will be full of fahionistas who are wearing the latest designer labels and even one-of-a-kind outfits. Gay and lesbian clubs feature a wide variety of outfits from flamboyant queens, fashion-conscious men and women who butch it up.

If you are seeking more tranquil evenings in San Francisco, you will find that there are plenty of coffee shops in which to hang out and chat, read or use your computer. Dress in these places will vary but most everyone will be dressed very casually. There are also sports bars where you can hang out in the most casual of outfits. If you opt for a wine bar, martini bar or singles bar, be prepared to dress up a little. The atmosphere is more chic.

Restaurants abound in San Francisco and are of every different genre. However, there are large portions of the population in the city which are from Latin America and Asia. Many restaurants feature these styles of cooking to appeal to such individuals, but you can find any type of food you desire in San Francisco. Dress in most restaurants is casual.

There is a high society feel to San Francisco. Many wealthy families make their homes there and the standard of living in the city shows it. Expect to pay a premium for many things in San Francisco. If you are planning to visit some of the nicer restaurants in the city, you will be expected to dress properly for it. This means no jeans, T-shirts, tank shirts and men must wear a jacket and tie. If you attend the symphony, plays or shows, you will be surrounded by very well-dressed individuals. Therefore it is recommended to bring along formal wear for such occasions. Many conferences held in the city have a formal dinner that you need to dress for. Special celebrations and fundraisers also often require formal wear.

No matter where you go for your evenings out in San Francisco, remember to dress for the temperatures. Nighttime averages are 40 to 50 degrees year-round, so a light jacket or a long sleeved top is required for comfort, especially if you will be outside for a while. Get your San Francisco nightlife wardrobe ready and enjoy one of the most exciting cities for nightlife on the West Coast.