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What to Wear with Sperry Topsiders

Sperry Topsiders

When you hear the words ‘boat shoes’ you probably imagine a pair of Sperry Topsiders. Though the company now makes other types of shoes, their staple is still the classic Topsiders. The shoes are slip on and made or a durable leather on top and a non-skid bottom that is tough enough to withstand the wind and pounding rain on the deck of a boat and yet look good enough to hit the yacht club in.

You can wear your Sperry Topsiders with more than just clothes for the boat and still look great in the process. Here are a few examples of outfits that go great with Sperry Topsiders:

Preppy look: This is a classic look that involves the Topsiders. Start off with a pair of dress shorts that are beige or tan colored and wear a bright colored Polo style shirt tucked in. A brown belt contrasts the outfit nicely and will also match the color of the typical Topsiders. When wearing the Topsiders you should not have on any socks, but if you insist on doing so wear the kind that are below the ankle so that they stay as hidden as possible. Finish off the entire preppy look with a sweater cross draped over your shoulders.
Casual with jeans: A great casual look that utilizes the Topsider is jeans and a nice button down shirt. The shirt should be tucked in and again you will want to go with a brown belt to match the Topsiders. The jeans should be a comfort fit and not be worn too tightly as doing so will ruin the appearance of casual. No need to wear a tie with this look and a couple of buttons being undone on the shirt is just fine. Again you shouldn’t wear socks but if you have to opt for the ones that won’t be all that noticeable.
Khaki pants:  No matter what color your khaki pants are, you can enhance the look with a pair of Sperry Topsiders. You can wear a Polo style shirt tucked in or you can go with a button down shirt that is long sleeved depending on how formal you wish to look. A nice lightweight jacket completes the look if it is chilly out. You can also wear a plain black scarf that is simply draped over your neck and allowed to hang evenly without tying it at all. The no sock rule still applies.
Get cute with skirts: Ladies can get cute with any type of skirt they wear as Sperry Topsiders now come in a wide variety of colors and not just the classic brown that everyone is accustomed too. Pair your favorite cute skirt with your favorite top and depending on the color find the perfect pair of Topsiders to compliment the outfit. If it is chilly out then a cardigan sweater will do the trick every time. Like the guys, if you wear socks, be sure they are hidden as much as possible.

Whether you are going out on the boat or just out for a night on the town, the Sperry Topsider is the ultimate shoe that can encompass both situations and then some.

What to Wear with Sneakers


It used to be that wearing sneakers meant that you were going to do something athletic like play basketball or go running. While that still holds true, the sneaker can now be seen in everyday fashion and thanks to timeless classic sneakers like Converse even a type of formal wear can sport sneakers.

Knowing what to wear with your sneakers is really a matter of the type of sneakers you have and what it is you intend on doing for the day. Here are some tips that will have you looking your best in your sneakers:

Go sloppy formal: This is the look that teen icons on the Disney Channel such as the Jonas Brothers are making famous. Wearing a pair of dress pants, put on a white button down shirt. Leave the shirt untucked and leave the top two buttons undone. Wear a neck tie, but do so in a loose manner. Wear a sports coat but don’t button the front. Finally, wear a pair of Converse high top sneakers and you have the sloppy formal look pegged.
Go casual: Going casual in your sneakers is relatively easy. This can be accomplished by wearing a pair of cargo shorts and your favorite t-shirt that will of course be untucked. High top or low top sneakers here are up to you, but most seem to prefer the low tops with this look. This ultra casual look also gives you the perfect opportunity to wear your favorite ball cap.
Go with jeans: Jeans always look great with sneakers with one exception; skinny jeans. The problem with wearing sneakers and skinny jeans is that the skinny jeans tapper down and end up hugging your ankles. Then you go and put your bulky sneakers on and your feet have the appearance of being ten times too big in proportion to the rest of your body. Avoid skinny jeans, but all others generally go with sneakers. A looser fit is nice because they will cover the top of the sneaker even if you are wearing high tops and therefore won’t bunch up at the bottom. You can wear almost any top you like with this fashion from shirts, to sweater, and everything in between.
Go for dresses and skirts: Here is one for the ladies. Wearing short dresses and skirts are always fun and make a great combination to a pair of Converse high top sneakers. For the dress look you may want to add a lightweight jacket and for the skirt look you will want to add a t-shirt or a blouse. This look is seen all over in Hollywood by some of the younger actresses that are popular today. This look can be further enhanced by wearing a black pair of leggings underneath. You can go all out and finish off the look with a black scarf and just let it hang down in front of you evenly without tying it at all.

While athletes will always have the need to wear sneakers when performing their sports, sneakers will still always have a place in fashion and by pairing them with the right clothes in your closet you too will look great no matter what you put on.

What to Wear on Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving family

Is there any holiday that is better than Thanksgiving? Thanksgiving is filled with family, food, and football and it is usually the food that everyone looks forward to the most. From turkey to mashed potatoes to stuffing and everything else in between, Thanksgiving is truly a day where you want to wear loose fitting pants. But the fact that your family and friends will be about does mean that you really should dress a bit on the nicer side for the food filled holiday.

Of course you will wear clothing in accordance with your gender, but here are just a few tips to help you out whether you are a guy or a gal:

Go with dark colors:  No matter how careful you are you will no doubt have some of your Thanksgiving dinner find its way onto your shirt or your lap. If you are wearing light colored clothing you will risk looking like a bit of a slob where as with darker colors you can get away with it a bit easier.
Be casual: As well as sitting around and eating, Thanksgiving also involves sitting around and recovering from the eating. After everyone is done with the food they will generally make their way to the couches and chairs and take in some football, even if they don’t like it. Thanksgiving also includes kids and having them around will mean that at some point you may want to get on the floor and play with them. By wearing more casual attire you will be able to do so and not worry.
Loose is the word: Be sure that your waistline can expand somewhat. If you go with a belt be sure that there is an extra belt hole or two so that you can adjust after your third helping of turkey. You can also opt for a pair of slacks with an elastic waistband but don’t go with sweat pants as that is a little too casual.
Wear cozy shoes: Since you will be walking all over the house and making several trips back and forth to the food table, wearing a comfortable pair of shoes is essential to your feet being as happy as your stomach will be.
Get in a festive mood: Part of the fun with Thanksgiving is the festive mood it sets. Be a part of that by going out of your way to dress a bit festive. You can find shirts or sweaters that sport turkeys, pumpkins, or anything else that relates to the holidays. A nice touch for a guy is a festive neck tie that features something from the holiday. The point is to have fun with this. If you have kids, a fun thing to do is to make pilgrim hats and then have everybody that comes over put one on. Of course you will want to take them off at dinner time.

Dressing for thanksgiving can indeed be fun. It is usually family and friends so casual is ok, just be sure you are going a little bit classier than shorts and a t-shirt.

What To Wear In San Francisco In The Night


San Francisco has a wide variety of exciting nightlife options. It really does offer something for everyone. The large population of college students means that there is a definitely a nightlife for young people. The large gay and lesbian population has an array of choices for evening entertainment from the most casual to the more upscale of places. There are also many cultural events that attract the well-bred and the well-educated. In addition San Francisco offers the typical nightlife offerings of any big city.

If you are planning to go clubbing in San Francisco, what to wear will depend on the type of club you are going to and the population it attracts. For clubs targeting college-aged kids, young sexy trends are commonly seen, especially on girls. However, many students opt for jeans and a great looking top. The high-end clubs will be full of fahionistas who are wearing the latest designer labels and even one-of-a-kind outfits. Gay and lesbian clubs feature a wide variety of outfits from flamboyant queens, fashion-conscious men and women who butch it up.

If you are seeking more tranquil evenings in San Francisco, you will find that there are plenty of coffee shops in which to hang out and chat, read or use your computer. Dress in these places will vary but most everyone will be dressed very casually. There are also sports bars where you can hang out in the most casual of outfits. If you opt for a wine bar, martini bar or singles bar, be prepared to dress up a little. The atmosphere is more chic.

Restaurants abound in San Francisco and are of every different genre. However, there are large portions of the population in the city which are from Latin America and Asia. Many restaurants feature these styles of cooking to appeal to such individuals, but you can find any type of food you desire in San Francisco. Dress in most restaurants is casual.

There is a high society feel to San Francisco. Many wealthy families make their homes there and the standard of living in the city shows it. Expect to pay a premium for many things in San Francisco. If you are planning to visit some of the nicer restaurants in the city, you will be expected to dress properly for it. This means no jeans, T-shirts, tank shirts and men must wear a jacket and tie. If you attend the symphony, plays or shows, you will be surrounded by very well-dressed individuals. Therefore it is recommended to bring along formal wear for such occasions. Many conferences held in the city have a formal dinner that you need to dress for. Special celebrations and fundraisers also often require formal wear.

No matter where you go for your evenings out in San Francisco, remember to dress for the temperatures. Nighttime averages are 40 to 50 degrees year-round, so a light jacket or a long sleeved top is required for comfort, especially if you will be outside for a while. Get your San Francisco nightlife wardrobe ready and enjoy one of the most exciting cities for nightlife on the West Coast.

What Celebrities Wear When Going Casual

What Celebrities Wear When Going Casual

When you’re a celebrity, what you wear is constantly being photographed, commented on, analyzed, praised and derided. It just comes with the territory. Whether or not we realize it, celebrities have a big influence on the styles and brands the general public ultimately wears. While most people don’t recognize the names of the fashion industry’s latest hot designers and pay no attention to the runway shows, a much larger percentage will recognize Hollywood’s big stars and the fashion trends they have made famous. Celebrities, not designers, have become our fashion inspirations.

The link between fashion and celebrities has become so strong that many celebrities now endorse their own clothing lines. A prime example is rapper Sean “Puffy” Combs, who used his musical fame and bad-boy persona to jump-start his own line of clothing and accessories for men and boys. The Sean John label has become widely popular, and includes suits, knitwear, bottoms, outerwear, leather accessories, ties, hats and denim.

While some celebrities are best known for their spectacular “red carpet” fashions, others have a more casual, approachable fashion sense. While still a cut above something you’d find at Target (especially when it comes to the price tag), their styles are the kind that the average Joe or Jane would wear when walking the dog or reading a good book at home. Here are some popular celebrities who manage a casual style that’s easy on the eyes and the body.

Jennifer Aniston. Jennifer Aniston is a woman who always manages to look fabulous even in the most casual of clothing. Jeans are one of her staples, especially James Jeans paired with a casual t-shirt, sweater or flowy top. Speaking of t-shirts, these are another favorite of hers, in neutral colors or with fun graphics. Jennifer loves flip-flops and is frequently seen wearing toe rings.

Gwyneth Paltrow. While Gwyneth Paltrow is often dressed in designer gowns for awards shows and premieres, she also know how to do a classic laidback style that nearly any woman can imitate. Her Blue Cult jeans have become a favorite, and were so requested by fans that the design was renamed the “Gwyneth” jean. She likes to pair her jeans with a loosely buttoned blouse or fitted tee.

Kate Hudson. Kate Hudson has mastered the art of looking effortlessly casual. Her style encompasses Bohemian looks such as drapey blouses over skinny jeans. For winter weather, tall boots are a Kate favorite.

Cameron Diaz. Beach baby Cameron Diaz always goes for chic ensembles that don’t require a lot of fuss. Cute tees, tank tops, classic jean styles like Joe’s Jeans and comfortable ballerina flats are some of her favorites.

Gwen Stefani. This busy mom does a great job mixing simple, easy wearing clothes such as tank tops and ballet tops with ethnic-inspired pieces. Her eclectic fashion sense has resulted in her own fashion label called L.A.M.B., with original designs that can be worn by celebrities and common folk alike.

Even if you’re not a celebrity, it’s great to know that you can still look great even on days when you’re just headed to the park — and not an awards show!