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What to Wear with a Leather Jacket

leather jacket

There may be no garment that can compare with the versatility of a nice leather jacket. A leather jacket can be worn in the most casual of circumstances and can also be worn to some semi-formal events. You may be wondering what to wear with your leather jacket, but the options are so vast perhaps you should be wondering what not to wear with it.

Leather jackets come in all kinds of colors now but the most popular and the most timeless color is black. Here is what will look great with your black leather jacket:

Pants: If you typically go out for a night on the town in your semi-dress pants and a button down shirt, try jazzing it up with your leather jacket. Really any color goes. Dark colored pants look great with the black leather as do lighter colors. Try to stay with solid colors though as a pattern won’t look right. If all you have is a lighter colored leather jacket such as white leather then stick with darker colored pants.
Jeans: With jeans you can accomplish a couple of different looks. Wear darker colored jeans such as black with a darker colored t-shirt and top it off with your black leather jacket. This will have you come off looking like a biker or at the very least a rebel of some sort. If you wear your black leather jacket with a white t-shirt and a true pair of ‘blue’ jeans you can pass yourself off as a ‘greaser’ like in the movie Grease.
Skirts: Here’s one of the ladies. If you are wearing a cute white or any other light colored skirt that is frilly at the bottom you can go for the skater girl look by topping off the outfit with a black leather jacket and a wild hairdo. If you have a darker colored skirt then try to go with a different color of leather such as red or white. Just as with pants, you want to stay with a solid color. Skirts that are too busy in the design department will take away from the leather jacket and leave you looking awkward.
More leather: What looks better than a great looking back leather jacket? Pairing that black leather jacket with a dark colored t-shirt and some black leather pants. This will give you that ‘rocker’ look and if you have the build to pull off the look, then by all means go for it. A word of warning here, this look is one that is on the warmer side and you will sweat, so be prepared for that.
No shorts: Weather you are a guy or a girl don’t wear your leather jacket with shorts. It simply doesn’t look right and doing so will have people looking at you for all the wrong reasons.

A great leather jacket can enhance almost any outfit you can put together. Just stick to solid colors and leave the shorts behind and you too can sport your leather jacket in style.

What To Wear In The Fall


Fall is arguably the most beautiful season of the year. The jewel tones of the trees create a welcoming landscape that warms the heart. The harvest season tends to bring joy to people as they remember to be thankful for their many blessings. The beginning of getting ready for Christmas, the most exciting time of the year, is also a part of what makes fall such an enjoyable season. However, the weather is starting to turn colder and winter is just around the corner. It is often harder and harder to predict how the next day’s weather will be and therefore choosing clothes is difficult. Yet, you can make some great choices that will easily carry you through any fall day.

Early fall often has some days of Indian Summer, where the temperature is still as warm as real summer. However, the nights will typically quickly remind you that it is indeed fall. Therefore if you are enjoying a warm early fall, it is nonetheless important to keep a light jacket or sweater on hand for the evening. If you are wearing shorts and plan to get home late, a pair of jeans to change into is a good idea also. The good part of Indian summer is that you get to wear your summer clothes a little longer and more slowly move into fall fashions. For those who live in areas that are very hot, often fall doesn’t come fast enough and they will wear fall clothes before the weather is truly cool enough. This is workable if you remember to layer so that you can remove some clothes if you are too warm.

Regular fall clothes are just simply those items that you might continue to wear in the winter but with heavier outerwear. Sweaters, jeans, long pants, skirts with tights, long-sleeved T-shirts, button-down shirts with a T-shirt underneath and blazers are all typical fall clothes. Heavier weight fabrics are also a hallmark of the season, as the skirts and pants you wear in the summer will be much lighter than your fall ones. This season also is often marked by wearing socks. In summer, socks tend to collect dust in the drawer as we enjoy sandals and flip flops. Fall brings closed shoes and matching socks. For business wear, it means back to hose or tights.

If you tend to get a little down as the fall wears on, opt for clothing in the warm, rich tones of autumn. Golds, burgundies, browns and oranges are warm, happy colors that will elevate your mood. Often fall fashions are found predominantly in these colors. Explore the colors that are popular this fall and choose the ones that make you smile or relax.

Get your fall wardrobe out of the back of your closet and update it with a few choice items to make it fashionable again. Take joy in familiar textures, substantial clothes and the feel of more fashionable garments. Enjoy fall and all the wonderful styles that make it a fun season.

What To Wear In San Francisco In The Night


San Francisco has a wide variety of exciting nightlife options. It really does offer something for everyone. The large population of college students means that there is a definitely a nightlife for young people. The large gay and lesbian population has an array of choices for evening entertainment from the most casual to the more upscale of places. There are also many cultural events that attract the well-bred and the well-educated. In addition San Francisco offers the typical nightlife offerings of any big city.

If you are planning to go clubbing in San Francisco, what to wear will depend on the type of club you are going to and the population it attracts. For clubs targeting college-aged kids, young sexy trends are commonly seen, especially on girls. However, many students opt for jeans and a great looking top. The high-end clubs will be full of fahionistas who are wearing the latest designer labels and even one-of-a-kind outfits. Gay and lesbian clubs feature a wide variety of outfits from flamboyant queens, fashion-conscious men and women who butch it up.

If you are seeking more tranquil evenings in San Francisco, you will find that there are plenty of coffee shops in which to hang out and chat, read or use your computer. Dress in these places will vary but most everyone will be dressed very casually. There are also sports bars where you can hang out in the most casual of outfits. If you opt for a wine bar, martini bar or singles bar, be prepared to dress up a little. The atmosphere is more chic.

Restaurants abound in San Francisco and are of every different genre. However, there are large portions of the population in the city which are from Latin America and Asia. Many restaurants feature these styles of cooking to appeal to such individuals, but you can find any type of food you desire in San Francisco. Dress in most restaurants is casual.

There is a high society feel to San Francisco. Many wealthy families make their homes there and the standard of living in the city shows it. Expect to pay a premium for many things in San Francisco. If you are planning to visit some of the nicer restaurants in the city, you will be expected to dress properly for it. This means no jeans, T-shirts, tank shirts and men must wear a jacket and tie. If you attend the symphony, plays or shows, you will be surrounded by very well-dressed individuals. Therefore it is recommended to bring along formal wear for such occasions. Many conferences held in the city have a formal dinner that you need to dress for. Special celebrations and fundraisers also often require formal wear.

No matter where you go for your evenings out in San Francisco, remember to dress for the temperatures. Nighttime averages are 40 to 50 degrees year-round, so a light jacket or a long sleeved top is required for comfort, especially if you will be outside for a while. Get your San Francisco nightlife wardrobe ready and enjoy one of the most exciting cities for nightlife on the West Coast.


How to Care for Jeans


Jeans come in all shapes and sizes and nothing is more versatile when it comes to clothing. Jeans can be worn for just about any occasion and can be dressed up with a nice shirt or dressed down with a simple t-shirt. Jeans are even more popular these days because of the wide variety of colors that are available. Taking good care of your jeans will have you enjoying them for many years to come.

Because jeans are colored with indigo ink there will naturally be some color lost when you wash and dry them with your other garments. The best way to care for your jeans is to of course take them to dry cleaners, but this is too costly for most. With that in mind here are some tips to help you keep your jeans looking as good as possible:

•    Read the labels: All jeans come equipped with special care instruction sewn right in. Be sure that you read the labels as some jeans go against the norm and need to be washed in warm water as opposed to cold like most. Some jeans even say to dry clean only.

•    Don’t wash excessive pairs of jeans:
Limit your jean washing to three or four pairs at a time. Because denim is heavy, too many jeans in the washer at the same time will diminish the effectiveness of the washer to clean the jeans. Instead of using more than three or four pairs of jeans, fill the remainder of the washer with lighter material clothing of the same color.

•    Inside out:
This is perhaps the easiest trick to do. By turning your jeans inside out before you wash them you are lessening the impact felt by the jeans because of the washer’s agitator. This will help to keep your jeans from rapidly wearing down.

•    Be gentle:
If you have jeans that have rips or holes in them use the gentle cycle to avoid making them any worse. Many jeans these days come pre-ripped and shredded and most of these will advise the gentle cycle on their care tags.
•    Avoid over drying: The more you dry denim the tighter it gets. Once your jeans are dry, take them out of the dryer immediately. Avoid over drying your jeans at all costs. Pay close attention to how long the dryer runs when your jeans are completely dry and make a note of the time so that the next time you will know how long to set the timer on the dryer for.

•    Avoid bleach:
This sounds like a no brainer, but you would be surprised. Bleach can be found not only in the white plastic jugs these days, but also in many detergents. Bleach and jeans equals eighty’s music videos. If that is your goal, then go for it; otherwise make sure all forms of bleach stay far away from your jeans.

With proper care you and your jeans will look your best for many seasons to come. The only thing you will have to worry about is maintaining your weight so that you always slip comfortably into your favorite pair of jeans.

White jeans

What to Wear with White Jeans

White jeans

While most people are afraid of white jeans (think ketchup dripping off a burger at that summer barbeque or a Starbuck’s cappuccino that attacks you in the car), this look adds infinite possibilities to your wardrobe. Nothing says spring and summer better than a great pair of white jeans paired with a breezy top. And when you pair white jeans with the right top, shoes and stylish accessories, you can even slip them on year-round.

If you enjoy wearing denim, adding white jeans to your wardrobe is an absolute must. Any outfit will look fresh and contemporary anchored by them, which is the look you’re going for in summer wear. Don’t believe the myth that you have to be super skinny to wear white jeans either. As with any pair of jeans, the factors that will determine how you look are fit and fabric. Find a pair that fits you correctly, and you’ve added tons of versatility to your wardrobe.

Seven for All Mankind’s Ginger jean is a sophisticated pair that hugs in the right places and loosens at the leg, making it a good choice for both thin and curvy silhouettes.

AG Adriano Goldschmied Stilt Cigarette Leg Jeans are another white jean style with great versatility. The lean look balances out longer tops, and flat shoes won’t get lost underneath its narrow leg openings.

Here are few ideas for items you can pair with a great pair of white jeans to create head-turning looks.
•    A flowing, Bohemian-style top is the perfect compliment to white jeans. Add sandals for a modern summer look that can easily go from casual to evening.
•    Like the Bohemian shirt, tunics are also great to wear with white jeans. A long, loose tunic will cover the butt and help the legs look longer and leaner. Balance the longer layers with a long necklace or a few strands of beads.
•    For a stunning monochromatic look, pair a white t-shirt with white jeans. Metallic accessories and shoes will really stand out against this look.
•    With black and white gaining popularity again, wear white jeans paired with a black sweater and black shoes. This look can easily be dressed down for out-and-about wear, and strappy heels with take the look into the evening.
•    Pair a simple tee or tank with a linen blazer and white jeans for a classic summery look.
•    For a leaner look, don’t wear a belt with white jeans. A belt that’s any color other than white will divide your body horizontally and make you appear shorter.

Finally, before you leave the house, check your butt to make sure there aren’t panty lines or shadows to mar your look from behind. Denim is a heavy fabric, but the wrong pair of undies can wreak havoc with a lighter weight pair. Stick with white undergarments when you’re sporting white jeans. You might also consider buying jeans with a lining, although these are less common than those without.