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New dad 2

Show off New Dad Pride with a Custom T-Shirt

New dad 1Being a new dad is like opening a Christmas present and then a large bill to pay for it. The excitement and joy is almost unbearable, but the reality of what lies ahead hits you like a ton of bricks. Concentrating on the joy part is obviously what you should do most of the time.

The moment that little one is brought home from the hospital, you start taking on new roles. You might start having to get up in the middle of the night to help with feedings and soothing. Or perhaps you have taken on diaper duty, something to be proud of.  You might want to show your pride to everyone you know.

Wearing a custom t-shirt is a great way to show your pride. Your new shirt can just say, “new daddy” or “rookie dad“. You can add a smiley graphic or a cute baby smiling or even screaming. If you are particularly proud of your achievement in being by your woman’s side during labor, your shirt can state, “Dad survived delivery” with a picture of a baby girl or boy or “I survived the delivery room and all I got was this shirt…oh yeah, and a baby”.

If you are the diaper changing man, wear it with pride “Daddy’s diaper service, proud to take my turn” or “Baby poops ’em – I change ’em”. Or a cute warning sign with a picture of a baby that says, “New dad changes diaper – avoid loose poop”. Or for a really cute one, a baby holding his diaper up with “My dad knows poop” to refer to several meanings. Or if you don’t appreciate the value of a dirty diaper your shirt can say “DADDY – damn another dirty diaper yuck” with the first letter of the phrase a different color for effect.New dad 2

Late night feedings are inevitable with new babies. A shirt that says, “New dad, point me to the nearest bed” tells others how tired you are. Or simply “new dad needs sleep” with a picture of a cartoon man in pajamas carrying around a baby would do the trick. “New dad – if you wake the baby plan on babysitting” would be effective in letting others know you are sleep deprived and stressed.

If you are just proud of your cute little one and are pretty competitive, a shirt with a kid in a diaper crossing his arms that says, “New dad- my kid can beat up your kid” might work for you. Or “New dad’s boot camp – only the fit survive” with a graphic of a man marching with a baby strapped to his back.

Being a new dad brings more joy to your life than people without kids can imagine. Yes, here are times of stress but overall most men wouldn’t change a thing. Wear your pride for others to see. Design a t-shirt that fits your style and feelings on the blessed event. Then watch as your kids grow up and start dating, that will make you want to wear a shirt that says, “I have kids…does that explain the gray hair?”

Don’t wait and design your own custom t-shirt or check out all of our Dad T-Shirts and New Dad T-Shirts

Bachelorette party

Fun with the Girls Wearing Custom Bachelorette Party T-Shirts

Bachelorette partyPlanning a wedding is a lot of work and many brides get stressed out often during the process. A bachelorette party is the best reason to get together with your girlfriends and go crazy. Whether your group of friends likes to go to a club, hire a stripper or just enjoy a nice quiet evening talking about the past, the celebration is sure to be fun.

A really nice way to show everyone what party they are with is to wear matching t-shirts. Wearing matching shirts will let other patron’s know what you are doing and why. This may help explain the erratic behavior, or allow men that would normally be too shy to approach one of you for a dance. The bride will also be ecstatic that you were considerate enough to make her day even more special.

Designing the perfect shirt for the group is easy when you use your imagination. Simply printing words onto shirts with the bride’s wedding colors is just one idea. Each shirt can have the name of the bride’s guest and her role in the upcoming wedding. The bride can have her shirt with simply “bride” so she can show off her happiness. Of course, this shirt can also warn others not to get in her way, bridezilla’s on the loose. Other titles can include “mother of the bride” “maid of honor” or “bridesmaid“.

For a more unique shirt, you can have cuter sayings for all the entire party. “What happens with the chicks, stays with the chicks” with several little girl chickens lined up would be really cute. “Bachelorette Party” says it all or adds the year for a more personal touch. “Girl’s Night Out” or even “last fling before the ring” are some other cute and simple sayings. Another idea is to have a shirt that reads, “We’re hear for the party” with the word bachelorette inserted with an editing symbol between “the” and “party” or a “Bachelorette Support Crew“.

Perhaps you want a shirt to really say more. “Buy me a shot, she’s tying the knot” or “Buy me a beer the end is near” are fantastic for those parties at bars and clubs.  Including a graphic of cocktails or beers add a touch of spice to the your shirts. Or even a shirt that says, “”Bachelorette Party in Progress“, bridal party may be hot”. For just bridesmaids, the shirt can say “forget the bride, kiss the bridesmaid” while the bride where’s a shirt that says “property of groom” or “sorry guys I’m taken”.

Whatever you chose to do for your bachelorette party, enjoy it. Choosing matching shirts will make it really special and help everyone remember the great time years later. Have your shirts match what type of party you are planning to have whether it is a wild night out or a simple evening with the girls. This is an exciting time in your life and creating a cute shirt for your bachelorette party should be just as exciting and fun. Get started with a Wedding T-Shirt Template or Design Your Own Custom T-Shirt

Brother 2

Brother T-Shirts Show Pride in Your Siblings

Being a brother or having a brother is a very important role in any family. Being a good brother means showing loyalty to your siblings, taking care of them, looking out for them, loving them and being there for special occasions and to share in triumphs and heartbreaks. Brothers and sisters are the family members who are usually a part of your life from birth to death. Spouses and parents don’t usually have that opportunity. Therefore, no matter what the reason, if it means something to you or you are going through a hard time, you want your siblings around.

Brothers sometimes get a good wrap and sometimes a bad wrap. There are many examples of good ones and bad ones. They provide lots of material for Hollywood and the media in general to work with. There are movies, TV shows and more about brothers. There are lots of books about them. Some of the most famous comedy teams, directorial teams and criminal teams are brothers. There are even several sets of famous actors who are brothers.

Brothers often team up for work purposes. Often there are brother teams who are restaurant owners together. There are many bands that are made up of brothers. Quite often in family businesses, one brother will bring in another as a partner. If guys come across a good business opportunity, they often share it with family members first. The familiarity and closeness one has with their siblings often leads people to want to work together. It may possibly be because they trust one another more than outsiders. Brothers are so into doing the same thing that frequently; brothers even end up marrying sisters.

Men’s groups are often referred to as brotherhoods. Men and boys who become close friends, have a true connection and trust each other often refer to each other as brothers. It shows a more masculine connection than the word friend does. It is even a cultural term, used by African-Americans when they refer to other African-American males.

Be proud of the special connection you have with your brothers, real or chosen. Enjoy that special closeness and tell the world about it with a Brother T-shirt. Get a custom-made brother T-shirt for yourself, your brother or your kids. The options to have printed on it are endless. For children, cute shirts are:

Big Brother T-Shirts

Brother 1
Brother 2
Brother 3

Little Brother T-Shirts

Brother 4
Brother 5
Brother 6

For adults, you can still show your affection, love and admiration of your brothers with a custom-made brother shirt. Some things to have printed on one are:

Get your Brother T-shirt today and tell the world that you are proud of being a brother or having a brother!


A Brief History of Valentine’s Day & Ideas for Personalized Clothing

VdayLove is in the air every February, especially leading up to February 14th, officially recognized as Valentine’s Day in the United States and throughout much of the world. It’s a day for romance and the expression of love in many shapes and forms. It’s a day for candy and flowers, for heartfelt sentiments and dreams of finding true love.

Several legends exist which claim to know how the exchange of love tokens and words became known as Valentine’s Day. The first is that during the Middle Ages, it was believed that birds would first find a mate for spring around the middle of February. Others go back even further, to the times of the ancient Romans and Greeks. In one Roman festival and feast, the names of young women and men were placed in a container. The name of one man would be drawn, followed by the name of a woman to whom he was destined to protect for the following year. He wore her name on his sleeve and she became his valentine. This custom generally took place on February 14th.

As time progressed, the exchange of gifts was added to the drawing of names, and later still, it was the male who presented the female with gifts. From this came a custom of sending a greeting or small gifts. Others believe that the celebration was created to honor St. Valentine, a priest who served at a temple in the time of the Roman emperor Claudius. He was very popular, and after the emperor declared that no more marriages were to be performed due to his needs for men in the military, St. Valentine nevertheless continued to unite young couples in the holy state of matrimony. St. Valentine was thrown into prison, where he died, but his spirit to help young couples in love lives on to this day.

The first postal services in the American colonies were inundated with such greetings and cards on February 14th, and over the years the tradition grew until local businesses began to carry collections of pre-designed cards for the young people to purchase for a penny. In the Victorian era, Valentine’s Day became quite the rage, with elaborate cards and parties designed to keep the youth entertained. In the United States, Valentine’s Day has always offered quite a challenge to the postal service, and in the early 1900’s, over a million Valentine greetings were mailed. Candy favors made an appearance soon after, and young suitors offered their ladies sweet concoctions designed to melt their hearts and flowers to encourage their spirits toward the return of such affections. Today, school children as well as adults traditionally exchange Valentine cards, sweets and flowers in tokens of love and affection that has not waned since the first Valentine’s Day was celebrated. Red hearts and white lace doilies make an appearance in supermarkets and card stores throughout the country well before the date, as do tokens of affection such as stuffed animals and trinkets designed to bring a smile to lovers everywhere.

Many American towns and cities host Valentine’s parties and get-togethers, complete with decorations, beverages and foods from all over the world. Valentine’s Day in America is a time to cherish those close to your heart. It’s a time when matchmaking between couples heats up, as do blind dates and others in search of their soul mate. Valentine’s Day is a time for couples and those hoping to find their better half, and Cupid and his arrows aimed at the hearts of unsuspecting, but potential, lovers, flit around with reckless abandon. Valentine’s Day is set aside for romance and togetherness between couples of all ages, a day when love is truly in the air.

One way to show off or express your love for someone or something is by creating personalized clothing and wearing a custom t-shirt or custom thong if you dare.   It is super easy to just add whatever text or images you want to a product. If you don’t feel like you have the creative power to design or personalize a product you can also shop pre-designed Valentine’s Day T-Shirts and see if you can find the design right for you or your loved one.

Big brother 3

The Excitement of Big Brother T-Shirts

There are few things more exciting in the life of a child as when they get a new sibling. At least, it’s exciting once they learn just how exciting a new baby can be. At first the news may be met with indifference. It may even be met with fear that a parent will be too occupied with a new baby.

To get a little boy more excited about his role as a big brother, there are big brother t-shirts. There are a number of ways to interest a boy in his new baby brother or sister, or even in a younger sibling who is already there. A t-shirt is one of the simplest ways to do this. It helps the child to see how his own role is changing in the family. Getting a new baby brother isn’t just about the baby- it’s also about the older brother.

An older brother is a very special thing, and any boy who starts to understand that will be a lot more excited about an addition to the family. The big brother t-shirt can be bought before the baby is born in order to get the brother more interested in the birth. It may help him to understand that there really will be a new baby coming- that wasn’t just a bedtime story.

The t-shirt can be worn for awhile before the birth to build up some excitement for the new baby. When people see it and ask whether this is a big brother, it will remind him that life is about to change and that a new playmate is coming. Putting on the t-shirt in the morning is a time to remind the big brother about the impending arrival, and anytime he looks at it he will think about the new baby.

A big brother t-shirt is also a nice present for the big brother at the same time that the baby arrives. Most of the attention will be on the baby and even on the mother. Getting the big brother a present to help them feel special too is a good way to ease the transition. The baby will be getting a lot of attention for quite some time, but the big brother is also special in the family.

If the baby has already been born but the big brother doesn’t seem to take a lot of interest in the baby, a big brother t-shirt might do the trick. It reminds the big brother about how important he will be in the life of the new baby. The baby may be small now, but pretty soon there will be a sibling who is big enough to run and play. That sibling will look up to the big brother and want to be just like him. Some ideas for big brother t-shirts include

Big brother 1 Big brother 2 Big brother 3
I’ve been promoted to big brother Big Brother 2010 I’m the big brother
Big brother 4 Big brother 5 Big brother 6
Proud Big Brother I’m the Big Brother Train Big Bro Dinosaur

A big brother t-shirt makes the older sibling feel special, and may make him like the younger child just a little bit more. This can make for a better transition in the family and an older child who is proud of his new role.

100th 3

100th Day of School T-Shirt Ideas

100th 1Every year teachers and parents search for different ideas in order to celebrate the 100th day of school for the year. Children respond well to variety in their schooling and the 100th day celebration is a great theme for that day. For younger children it is a fantastic opportunity to emphasize large numbers and learn exactly what 100 looks like. They focus on learning to count to 100 and how many multiples of 10 it takes to make 100. As they age, it offers a real example for addition, subtraction, fractions and other math concepts. It offers a wonderful unique opportunity for teaching.

Many teachers make displays of 100 things or have children craft things using 100 beads, candy or cereal pieces. They make hats and bracelets to wear to celebrate the day. Everything that day focuses on the number 100. As kids get older they often come to realize that the 100th day of school also means that they are more than half-way done with their school year and the end of the school grade is coming.

Special custom T-shirts for the 100th day of school make a great addition to any teacher’s activities for the day. They are also a fun gift for parents to give to their child as a celebration of a job well done this far in the school year. 100th day T-shirts are fun for both teachers, students and even other school staff to wear on that one day.

Having custom T-shirts made for the 100th day of school is a great idea. You can choose to have them made in your school’s colors and use a logo or slogan from your school for a unique look. Another great idea is to hold a design contest for older students as the time approaches for the 100th day. The best design for the T-shirt will have their design printed on the T-shirt that everyone will wear and they should receive their very own T-shirt for free, as well as other recognition.

You can use such T-shirts as a giveaway to all students. They can also be a good fundraiser item. Even if you order a limited amount, you can use them as a reward for things like best attendance in the first 100 days of school, best behavior or most  improvement.

If you choose to order a T-shirt for your child or for a whole class or school, custom-made T-shirts are the way to go for anyone wanting a 100th day of school T-shirt. You can even choose color, style, fabric weight and quality that way. You can put anything you want on such a T-shirt. Some great lines to print on one include:

100th 2 100th 3 100th 4
I love the 100th day of school 100 days tally on a chalkboard I survived the first 100 days of school
100th 5 100th 6
100 days down, how many left? I celebrated the 100th day of school at ABC Elementary

Get your fun 100th day of school t-shirts now and show how much you love going to school.