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Guy t-shirt

How Long Should A T-Shirt Be On A Guy?

Guy t-shirt

T-shirts are truly a staple in practically every guy’s wardrobe. At first glance the T-shirt seems to be the simplest thing anyone could wear, with all T-shirts being practically the same, but for color and the designs printed on them. However in reality there are different style factors that come into play with T-shirts. There are different types of collars, fitted tees versus loose tees and of course, the length of a shirt.

The length of a T-shirt is very important for a guy’s T-shirt. The perfect length can make a T-shirt look very stylish and the wrong length can make it look feminine, sloppy or just ill fitting. Choosing the proper length T-shirt is as important as any other factor when selecting a great-looking T-shirt.

A rule of thumb for guy’s T-shirts is that they should never come just to the waist. This will either look feminine, too small or just plain silly. Another rule of thumb is that any T-shirt that falls much below the butt needs to be hemmed. A very long T-shirt on a man never works. For women, longer tees are workable as nightshirts, dresses and with leggings. However, guys have no options that make long tees look okay. Luckily hemming a T-shirt is a simple and inexpensive option.

T-shirts that fall between the waist and mid-butt are very stylish and are a great option for any guy who is in shape. This is a nice neat length for a T-shirt and looks good with jeans, pants or shorts. Guys who are not carrying any extra weight look great in tees this length because it draws attention to the torso, however it will also emphasize extra pounds around the middle if that is your case. Another thing to remember is to make sure the tee is the right length for you personally. If you lift your arms, you should not be baring any skin.

For most guys, a T-shirt that covers the butt is the way to go. When in doubt, choose this length. It nicely disguises a few extra pounds. It can be tucked in easily without slipping out if you are looking for a neater look or as an undershirt. This type of tee goes with everything, even sweat pants which definitely require a longer tee. A T-shirt this length also eliminates the problem of it rising up when you are moving around; the extra length will keep you covered.

The “Short and Long” of T-Shirts – About T-Shirt Length

In order for you to look the best in your t-shirt, you want to find the most flattering length and style. There are so many styles available these days that it’s easy to find one that looks great on you. Here are some tips for finding just the right style of t-shirt.

Cropped t-shirts can vary in length, but generally they expose the wearer’s belly. They’re not designed to be tucked in. Cropped t-shirts can have any length of sleeve—from sleeveless or halter tops to long-sleeved. They’re definitely a style for more casual wear. In fact, many schools and offices have banned cropped t-shirts. And because they’re so revealing, they’re best for the young—or young at heart—to wear.

T-shirts that hit at the hip are more versatile and flattering. They can be worn untucked and still look neat. If the belly, hips, or behind are problem areas for you, you want to make sure that the t-shirt doesn’t emphasize what you want to hide. They can be dressed up or down for many different situations.

A tunic t-shirt can be a very stylish look. This style works especially well over a short skirt or slim-fitting pants. Tunic t-shirts can’t be tucked in without looking bulky. They’re left untucked to keep a sleek appearance. They’re sometimes made with shirttail hems to give the style more flair. Tunic tops go over the hips and cover a lot of problem areas. On those with thinner figures, they’re not so flattering.

When you look at different styles of t-shirts, you can also consider the sleeve lengths. Sleeveless t-shirts such as tank tops are good for athletic, warm weather, and casual wear. Some sleeveless tees that are made from a finer fabric and have a more conservative cut that are suitable for office wear.

Short-sleeved shirts are the most classic style of t-shirt. There’s a reason for that – they work in so many different settings and situations. This style of t-shirt can be worn as a layering piece under a blazer or sweater in cooler weather. It can also be worn on its own in warmer weather or for athletic wear.

If you’re self-conscious about your upper arms, you can go with a three-quarter length t-shirt. In recent years the three-quarter length has become a very popular style, and with good reason. It’s such a versatile style that offers enough coverage for office wear or conservative situations, but has a fresh, fun look, and keeps you cooler than a long-sleeved shirt.

Long-sleeved t-shirts can be an important piece in a cool-weather wardrobe. They offer maximum arm coverage for conservative settings or for when you need to stay warm. A very popular look these days is to layer a short-sleeved t-shirt over a long sleeved t-shirt. Some long-sleeved t-shirts made from finer knit fabrics with fun details such as a ruffled hem or neckline work well for dressier or office wear.

It’s important to build a wardrobe of t-shirts with styles that suit many different situations. As you can see, there are so many lengths and sleeve types to choose from, that choosing the t-shirt styles that fit your lifestyle can be fun and easy!