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Cowboy boots

Guide to Choosing Cowboy Boots

Cowboy boots

You don’t have to be a cowboy to wear a pair of cowboy boots. Want proof? Just take a look around the next time you are out and about and you will see both men and women alike sporting their favorite pair of cowboy boots. If you are interested in a pair of cowboy boots there are several things that you should consider before you decide what you are going to purchase.

Knowing what you are looking at and what you want the boots for can mean the difference between buying a pair of cowboy boots that will be a great comfort to your feet and buying a pair that will leave many blisters behind. Here is what to look for:

•    Style: There are hundreds if not thousands of styles of cowboy boots that you can choose from but the western style boots that are so popular fall into two categories. The first is traditional and the second is fashion. The traditional boots have more of that classic look that has been around since the age of the cowboys and are the kind of boots that you would see in an old western film. The fashion boots have a more urban or contemporary look to them and are generally worn by women. These boots were made popular by movie starts like Jessica Simpson, who actually has a line of cowboy boots.
•    Material: With cowboy boots you definitely get what you pay for. If you find a pair of boots that are extremely cheap that will be because they are made of cheap materials. Leather is the material of choice when it comes to cowboy boots but there a number of other materials that are popular as well which include crocodile skin, python or snake skin, and ostrich hide. A pair of boots made with quality materials will definitely cost you more, but they will also stand the test of time much better than that of an inferior pair.
•    Shank: The shank is the upper part of the boot and can range significantly in how high up the leg it comes. The traditional style has the shank covering the entire calf while the more contemporary styles, also known as packer and stockman boots, usually come up to just under the calf and these types are more often worn by women. Shank height is strictly a personal preference.
•    Toe: You can choose a more pointed look here or go with a more rounded toe; it is really all up to you. The traditional boots of the old west had the more pointed toe, so if you want the traditional look go for the pointed look.
•    Heel: Here is a point that many overlook. If you are buying your boots and intend on dancing in them then you want to be sure that the heel is not too tall. There is no set standard here, just consider what you will be doing in your boots.

Finally, be sure that you actually try on your boots before you buy them. Cowboy boots come in so many styles and colors but if they don’t fit your foot properly then there is really no point in buying them. When you do go cowboy boot shopping, plan on blocking out some time because just when you think you have found the perfect pair, another pair will catch your eye and call out your name.

Broad shoulder

How to Downplay Broad Shoulders

Broad shoulder

For many women having broad shoulders is a hassle that they wish they could live without. If you too have broad shoulders and wish to downplay them there are several ways in which this can be accomplished simply by being aware of what you are wearing. This doesn’t mean you have to go fashionless either as there are many styles available today that make you look great without putting an emphasis on your broad shoulders.

While the fashion world offers many articles of clothing designed to draw attention to the shoulders and bolster their appearance, there are also equal opportunities to hide your broad shoulders. Here are some ways to downplay your broad shoulders:

•    Watch your neckline: Wearing tops that have a rounded neck or even a boat line neck will actually make your shoulders look bigger that they already are. Instead try wearing a nice v-neck top as this will give the appearance of your shoulders being narrower and thus smaller. The deeper the v-neck the better the appearance, just don’t go to risqué.

•    Watch your sleeves: Avoid sleeves that are poofy or frilly. The idea is to not draw attention to your shoulders. Wearing these types of sleeves will have the opposite effect of what you are trying to accomplish. Instead try tops that have normal sleeves such as raglan sleeves.

•    Watch your top patterns: Avoid shiny colors and horizontal stripes as these will have a widening effect on you and only make your situation worse. Instead try to stay with a darker colored top that is a solid clolor.

•    Mix and match: To draw attention from your shoulders you can also mix and match your outfits to out more emphasis on your hips. Try wearing a lighter colored bottom with your darker colored top. You can also go with horizontal stripes on the bottom in the form of a skirt as this will give a widening effect to your bottom half and thus look more proportionate to your shoulders.

•    No pads: Many business jackets come equipped with shoulder pads which is great for those who need a boost, but not for you. Most of the time, the shoulder pads can be removed, if not cut them out, but whatever you do, stay far, far away from shoulder pads unless you want to come off looking like a linebacker in the NFL.

•    Accessorize your lower half:
Try wearing belts and sashes that are a little on the wild side. This will help take the attention off of your shoulders and throw it once again to your hips. The result will be a more balanced illusion.

•    Look longer: Make your body look longer by wearing dresses that are long. This will give off the impression of a softer, longer, and leaner body and will detract from the fact that you have broad shoulders.

Having broad shoulders isn’t anything to be ashamed of, but if you don’t want to show them to the world following any of these tips is a great way to conceal what you want to keep secret.

Beer Belly

What To Wear To Camouflage A Beer Belly

Beer Belly

The most common places they can be found are backyard barbecues, sporting events, and college campuses. But truth is told they can be found anywhere. Every man has seen one and likely has had one to some degree at one time or another in his life. It’s the beautiful beer belly. Beer bellies were once worn as a proud badge of honor to showcase a social, partying heritage. Those who had them were looked upon as teddy bears or every-man kind of guys. Some people thought beer bellies were actually cute. In modern times, where health clubs and organic food stores are as common as Big Macs once were, a beer belly has suddenly become something that’s seen as shameful or a sign of laziness.

The good news is that a beer belly isn’t always caused by beer. It’s just a term given to an accumulation of fat above the belt. Some men don’t even drink and have a beer belly. High calorie foods and lots of inactivity are sure to be the culprits. Because of genetics and where fat is stored, only men are susceptible. Eating healthy and staying active are obvious preventative measures and most men realize this. What if you’re a man and you’re comfortable with your beer belly but, at certain times, you just wish it wasn’t there? Well as many men that have beer bellies there are as many solutions to hiding the problem. Here are some ideas to camouflage a beer belly.

Loose clothing. As obvious as this may seem, wearing loose clothing can be a quick remedy. Clothing a size or two too big will hide the general outline of your body in all places. But don’t go too baggy as this will make you look bulky.

Wear the right colors. Men, being naturally averse to fashion, usually don’t think of this one. Dressing in two-tones can actually obscure the belly area. Dark colors should be worn for your pants and wear lighter colored shirts. Fashion experts who’ve dealt with the beer belly situation know that many men with beer guts have the look of thin legs. Two-color dressing hides this imbalance and gives a more proportioned look.

Leave your shirt untucked. A slimmer line look can be achieved by simply not tucking in button down shirts. This way the belly overhang is not as evident.

No muscle shirts. Avoid anything tight for that matter. Don’t wear anything too clingy that accentuates things you’d rather not show off.

Stripe the belly away. Always go with vertical stripes. Vertical stripes will make you appear longer and thinner. Horizontal stripes have the opposite effect. Under no circumstances wear a shirt with a large stripe across the chest because upon first glance the eyes of someone else will be directed right to your belly.

Probably the best way to camouflage a beer belly is to wear a smile! If you walk around self-conscious about your beer belly and believe everyone is looking at it then they will be! Be confident and don’t give the beer belly more power over you than it already has.

T-shirt neck size

What Is The Difference In The Neck Sizes For T-Shirts And Clothing

T-shirt neck size

T-shirts come in all different sizes and styles. From the tiniest to the largest, T-shirts can be found to fit everyone. The difference in styles means that no matter what your taste you will be able to find something in a T-shirt that appeals to you. However if you are in the market for T-shirts, you should know that neck sizes for T-shirts often run very differently than they do for other clothing.

Typically T-shirts have a one-size fits all neck for each size offered. In reality such neck sizes really do fit most people. The stretchiness of the knit collar on a T-shirt allows for enough elasticity when needed. Therefore, actual neck sizes are pretty unimportant.  This is totally unlike button down shirts where sizing is based on the neck size of the wearer for men’s shirts. Shirt sizes reflect the diameter in inches of a man’s neck. Because they are designed to be worn with the buttons closed at the neck and typically are made from material that doesn’t stretch, such shirts need specific neck sizes because one size fits all definitely would not work.

Differing necklines make T-shirts as easy choice for women. They can choose to show décolletage or not, depending on the neckline they choose. They get to pick from V-necks, scoop necks, boat necklines, traditional crew necks, keyhole necklines, princess necklines and square necklines. It certainly makes the variety to choose from impressive. They don’t need to worry about neck size at all.

Men are not quite this lucky when it comes to neckline choices in T-shirts. They only have V-necks as an acceptable alternative to the crewneck. Luckily this is a smart looking option that even looks much trendier than a crewneck shirt. As an added bonus, it also makes a great option for guys with larger than average necks.

Guy t-shirt

How Long Should A T-Shirt Be On A Guy?

Guy t-shirt

T-shirts are truly a staple in practically every guy’s wardrobe. At first glance the T-shirt seems to be the simplest thing anyone could wear, with all T-shirts being practically the same, but for color and the designs printed on them. However in reality there are different style factors that come into play with T-shirts. There are different types of collars, fitted tees versus loose tees and of course, the length of a shirt.

The length of a T-shirt is very important for a guy’s T-shirt. The perfect length can make a T-shirt look very stylish and the wrong length can make it look feminine, sloppy or just ill fitting. Choosing the proper length T-shirt is as important as any other factor when selecting a great-looking T-shirt.

A rule of thumb for guy’s T-shirts is that they should never come just to the waist. This will either look feminine, too small or just plain silly. Another rule of thumb is that any T-shirt that falls much below the butt needs to be hemmed. A very long T-shirt on a man never works. For women, longer tees are workable as nightshirts, dresses and with leggings. However, guys have no options that make long tees look okay. Luckily hemming a T-shirt is a simple and inexpensive option.

T-shirts that fall between the waist and mid-butt are very stylish and are a great option for any guy who is in shape. This is a nice neat length for a T-shirt and looks good with jeans, pants or shorts. Guys who are not carrying any extra weight look great in tees this length because it draws attention to the torso, however it will also emphasize extra pounds around the middle if that is your case. Another thing to remember is to make sure the tee is the right length for you personally. If you lift your arms, you should not be baring any skin.

For most guys, a T-shirt that covers the butt is the way to go. When in doubt, choose this length. It nicely disguises a few extra pounds. It can be tucked in easily without slipping out if you are looking for a neater look or as an undershirt. This type of tee goes with everything, even sweat pants which definitely require a longer tee. A T-shirt this length also eliminates the problem of it rising up when you are moving around; the extra length will keep you covered.


How Do You Make Your T-Shirts Tighter?


Tight t-shirts go in and out of fashion, along with other t-shirt fit and style fashions. Right now, tight t-shirts are definitely in fashion. Celebrities as well as people of all walks of life are wearing tight t-shirts to show off their figures and to stay in style. Below are a few options to make your t-shirts tighter.

1. Shrink Your Shirt

If you have a t-shirt that just isn’t fitting as tightly as you want it to, there are several options to make it fit more tightly or to make it look as if it does. One of the easiest things about making a t-shirt fit tighter is that most t-shirts are made form cotton. Even if they are not 100 percent cotton, they will generally be composed mainly of cotton. Because cotton will naturally shrink under certain conditions, an entire t-shirt can be made smaller, and therefore tighter.

The main ingredient in getting a t-shirt to shrink is heat. The easiest way to get enough heat to shrink a t-shirt is to wash it in hot water. Another way is to put it into the dryer for half an hour or more on high heat. Either method will shrink a t-shirt to make it fit more tightly. If you don’t have a washer or dryer, simply place the shirt in a sink full of hot water.

2. Side Knot (1980’s) Your T-Shirt

If the t-shirt has been shrunk but you still want it tighter, there are other options to make it look tighter without changing the actual size of the t-shirt. A side knot is a fun way to make a t-shirt tighter around the torso. To make a side knot, twist one corner of the shirt into a tight roll and then tie that roll into a simple knot. This will hold your t-shirt tightly around your abdomen for as long as you keep the knot tied. As a bonus, this is also a retro look that was popular in the 80s and is gaining popularity now as a throwback to the 80s look.

3. Cut / Sew Modifications to Your T-Shirt

Another way to make a t-shirt fit tighter is to actually change some of the dimensions of the t-shirt. If you have any sewing skills, you can turn it inside out and to sew a line of stitches ahead of the existing seams to make the t-shirt smaller. This also allows you to make any part of the shirt tighter that you wish. You can tighten just the torso while leaving the sleeves as they are, you can tighten just the sleeves to change the look of the shirt or you can make any other spot changes that will customize the fit of your t-shirt.

4. Layer Your T-Shirts & Clothing

If you have a t-shirt that fits too loosely and you want to change that look without changing the size of the t-shirt, you can wear another shirt under it to make it look like it is fitting tighter. This can quickly make your shirt look a little dressier instead of loose and casual. A thin camisole, crew-neck shirt or sleeveless t-shirt can make your shirt appear less loose quickly and easily.

Fitted t-shirts

Can I Wear a Fitted T-Shirt if I Am Not Completely Thin?

Fitted t-shirts

Being completely thin is a preoccupation that a lot of people have these days. One of the most difficult aspects of fashion is that many types of clothes are made for smaller sizes or are tailored to be worn by people who are very thin. However, just because a shirt is tailored to have a fitted silhouette doesn’t mean that you have to be completely thin to wear it.

A fitted shirt is one that can either be used to show off your figure or to make your figure look different than it is. People who are rectangle shaped, with few curves; often like to wear a fitted shirt that nips in a little at the waist in order to make their figures look more balanced. In this case, it doesn’t matter whether the person is completely thin or not.

For women who are pear shaped, a fitted shirt can be worn that is fitted more tightly at the top in order to bring visual attention to the top half instead of the bottom half. This then flatters the figure, even if pear-shaped figured aren’t completely thin.

Women who are apple shaped usually will not have their figure flattered by a fitted t-shirt. Although it isn’t necessary to be completely thin to wear a fitted t-shirt, having a thick apple shape is not the right figure type to wear this type of shirt.
If you are self-conscious about your weight and you don’t feel that a fitted shirt will flatter your particular figure type, it might be better to stay away from fitted shirts in order to wear one that fits more loosely. The looser fit means that the shirt won’t cling to curves and make any problem areas apparent.

If you have some figure faults, the solution is often to choose one that is fitted in some spots but not in others. To get this fit, the shirts can be tailored by a local tailor, or they can be bought in specific cuts that will be the most flattering.
For someone who is completely thin, wearing a fitted t-shirt may not actually be the best look. A shirt that is fitted and is form fitting can show off a lack of curves that sometimes happens when a person is very thin. In these cases, wearing a t-shirt that is less figure hugging can leave a little more to the imagination and can keep away the appearance of having no curves.

If you have a fitted t-shirt and you’ve been too self conscious to wear it because you don’t feel you are thin enough to do so, pulling off any look is largely a matter of self-confidence. Don’t be too afraid to wear a t-shirt that you like, even if you have a few figure areas to work on. Everyone has areas of their figure that they aren’t pleased with. Remember that whenever your confidence flags and you may find the self-confidence to wear your fitted t-shirts even if you aren’t completely thin.

Small shirt

What Does It Mean If A Shirt Runs Small

Small shirt

Clothing comes in standard sizes in order to make it easier on the customer who is purchasing the item and to create some uniformity in how things are made. Sizes are meant to be the same throughout the clothing industry, so that if you wear a certain size by one manufacturer, you should be able to count on the fact that buying an item in the same size from another company will fit you also. However this is often not the case. In reality, you can wear a variety of different sizes depending on which company makes it.

You will find that people have even created expressions to help them deal with the vast size differences from manufacturer to manufacturer. One of those expression is the one “it runs small”. When you are told that a shirt runs small, it means that it is made smaller than comparable ones from other manufacturers. Most people understand that this means they should buy the next size up or resign themselves to the fact that the T-shirt will be tight.

Some suggestions of what to do with a T-shirt that you find “runs small” after you’ve gotten it home and washed it and now can’t wear it.
•    Call the store and see if they will take it back anyway. They typically won’t, but at least you will have tried.
•    Give it to your daughter, sister, cousin or neighbor who is smaller than you.
•    Put it on the refrigerator door as your inspiration. By looking at a shirt that is smaller that you are every time you go to eat, you will be turned off from eating so you can lose enough weight to fit into it.
•    If you happen to have a big teddy bear that you really like, you can put the T-shirt on it.
•    Sew up the holes in it and stuff it to use it for a pillow.
•    Cut the seams on the sides of the T-shirt and insert a strip of T-shirt material in a fun color or design. This is a great way to “fix” a T-shirt that is simply too small, but that you really want to wear. The only drawback is that you need to be really good at sewing or have a great seamstress who works for cheap or free. This is not a project for a sewing beginner.

What Shirts Make You Look Built? How to Show Off Your Physique

There are many types of clothing that will make you look more or less built. The trick is to know what will work with your specific body type. There is no one shirt or one pair of pants that will make every guy look built. The key is to tailor your look to be strengths and faults of your own individual shape.

One of the first things to think about is how well your weight is serving you. Are you overweight? If so, you need to conceal certain areas while showing off your best features. For many overweight guys, it’s best to concentrate on your broad shoulders rather than your chest and arm areas. To do this, wear a dark colored T-shirt, such as black or navy blue, and wear a lighter-colored over shirt over it. The over shirt should be a button up shirt with a light background color and vertical stripes on it. Leave the shirt unbuttoned, or leave a few top buttons unbuttoned. This will make your chest area look smaller because of the darker undershirt, but it will emphasize the shape of your shoulders. The vertical stripes will make you look leaner overall as well as taller.

If you are not overweight, you will want to draw attention to your best features. If your arms are well developed, wear a T-shirt that has very short sleeves that will show off your biceps. You can wear an A-shirt, which is a sleeveless shirt that is often cut low in the front, but this is generally not considered to be appropriate for many situations. If you are outdoors doing yard work, however, this type of shirt will certainly show off your physique. Another way to do this is to wear a plain white undershirt with a V-neck. This will show off your biceps as well and showing off a little bit of your chest.

If you are underweight, you want to make yourself look built by building up your figure. You can often do this by wearing layered shirts such as a thick undershirt along with an outer T-shirt or button-up shirt. If you wear a shirt that is too large, it will actually make you look smaller because the shirt will be far too baggy. To avoid this, make sure your clothing fits well but is not tight enough emphasize your lack of muscle. A shirt with horizontal stripes is often the best bet for this physique because it will make your chest, shoulders and arms look broader.

No matter what your build is, avoid wearing something that is skintight. This is almost never an attractive look on the guy. If he is well-built, this can make him look conceded, which is rarely attractive. If he is thin, it only emphasizes his lack of muscles. If he is a normal size, it will only look as if he’s not sure what size he wears. Stick with the colors and cuts that will be flattering in order to best show off your shape.