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Do High Neck T-Shirts Look Good on Men?

High neck T-shirts have gone through many periods of popularity. And while there have been times that they were not very popular, they generally have a classic look that goes well with a preppy, put-together style. High neck T-shirts are often considered to be a preppy look, and they are often worn with blazers or with dressy pants for this reason. A high neck T-shirt with a pair of tan pants is a classic look that has never gone out of style.

On men, there are many different ideas about what neck lines look best. For some women, seeing the little bit of chest that is visible with a V-neck T-shirt is the best look. Some women like to see men wearing A-shirts because they show off a man’s chest as well as their shoulders and arms. However, the high neck T-shirt is a very different look that gives a man a very different image. That image is generally a studious and thoughtful one that many women find very attractive.

When wearing a high neck T-shirt, it’s important to pair it with something appropriate for the entire look. Many men wear high neck T-shirts with jeans, and that is a good, coordinated look as long as the jeans are in good condition. A high neck T-shirt with torn jeans is a disjointed outfit that does not provide a cohesive look. A white high neck T-shirt with medium-blue jeans is a classic look, as is any black high neck T-shirt with dark blue jeans.

To really set off the look of a high neck T-shirt, pair it with an unbuttoned over shirt or a casual blazer. These both work well together with a high neck T-shirt and serve to call attention to the high neck. This in turn calls attention to the wearer’s face, and this can be a very attractive look.

To make it look even more preppy, wear neutral colors with your high neck T-shirt. A pair of tan or navy blue pants works well with a neutral colored high neck T-shirt in a coordinating color. Wear dark colored, neutral shoes with this look to keep it looking preppy. Black leather shoes or tan suede shoes will look best.

In many cases, a clean-shaven, short-haired look works best on a man when wearing a high neck T-shirt. A T-shirt with a high neck worn by a man with long hair can often lead to a messy look that doesn’t quite go with the preppy image of the shirt. Short hair will always work, but long hair will not coordinate well.

It’s also easy to make a high neck T-shirt look dressy. It can be an attractive look on a man when paired with a nice suit jacket and a dressy pair of slacks. The high neck can give a dressy outfit a bit of a fun look that can be attractive to many women. It’s a little bit unconventional and dressy at the same time, and that’s exactly the reason that it works.

When Putting on a Shirt Should It Be the Neck or an Arm First? How to Put On a T-Shirt

Putting on a t-shirt is something people learn how to do when they’re young, but it is something that a lot of people re-examine as they get older. The problem that many see is that when putting on a shirt, they don’t want to stretch out specific parts of it. After a t-shirt has been worn a number of times, it may get stretched out in any number of places.

One of the most common places for stretching to occur is at the neck. When the neck of a t-shirt gets stretched out, it can cause the t-shirt to wrinkle around the neck. It can also cause the collar from lying flat against the skin. This can make the collar gap around the neck and can keep the t-shirt from looking the way the wearer intended it to look. Instead, a gaping neck can begin to look sloppy as it continues to be stretched out over time.

To keep a t-shirt from getting stretched out at the collar, many people try to put their arms through the t-shirt first. After the arms are partially through, the head can be put through the collar. This keeps the t-shirt wearer from having to pull the neck of the t-shirt down to angle the shirt for the arms.

If the head is put through first every time the t-shirt is worn, the neck may eventually get stretched out, but it is also possible to stretch out the arms of the t-shirt over time. If the neck of a t-shirt doesn’t seem to be stretching and the arms do, it might be time to reverse the way the t-shirt is being put on and start with the head first instead of the arms. This will keep the arms from stretching out when the t-shirt is being put on and it will put the stress instead on the neck hole.

It is possible to put on a t-shirt by putting both the arms and the head through the t-shirt at the same time. This will minimize any stretching on any one part of the t-shirt. To do this, put the t-shirt above your head and stretch your arms out into the inside. Then, put your hands through the arm holes. Let the t-shirt fall down over your head and move your arms to allow the t-shirt to slip downward.

For some people, getting the neck stretched out on the shirt is a necessary way to make the shirt more comfortable. If that’s the case, always put in the t-shirt head first. You will have to tug on the t-shirt to allow your head to get through first, and this will enlarge the neck over time. If you’re more comfortable putting on the t-shirt with your arms first, try stretching out the collar before you put on the shirt. If you get into this habit, you will be able to put on the shirt any way you like and still stretch the neck every time you put it on.

Why is My T-Shirt Neck Yellow?

For some people and on some occasions, white t-shirts do have a tendency to turn white around the collar. Generally, colored t-shirts may experience some discoloration at the collar, but it may not be a noticeable yellowing as with white t-shirts. Because white t-shirts are white, they will much more noticeably the same effects of wear that are occurring on darker colored clothing.

The combination of sweat and body oil often leads to a discoloration of t-shirts that is hard to get rid of. These stains can appear under arms as well as on the collar. The collar, however, sometimes gets oil from both the skin and from the hair. It is also an area that is prone to sweat from the neck as well as the head, leaving it more likely to be stained than any other part of the shirt. This yellowing may start out slowly, but after many wears, the yellowing will get worse.

The yellowing most often occurs with t-shirts that are worn in hot weather or during physical exercise. The extra sweat during these times laves the t-shirt far more yellowed at the collar than one that is worn in cool weather or when a person is not sweating. In someone without oily skin, a t-shirt that is worn when the wearer is not sweating may not yellow at all.

If the collar yellowing becomes a problem, there are a few ways to tackle it. The t-shirt can be washed with a number of things that should help to break up the oils and take away some of the damage that has been done. The shirt can be washed with some dishwashing soap to get rid of some of the oil. This should be done in a sink, however, and never in a washing machine. The dishwashing liquid can be rubbed around the collar and then washed out with cold water by hand.

Another remedy for a yellow collar is to use baby shampoo on the collar. Baby shampoo is gentle enough not to cause any damage to the fabric, but it is made to break down oils. A stronger shampoo can be used if the baby shampoo is not effective.

Bleach can do some good against yellow stains as well. Bleach, however, can damage fabrics if too much of it is used. It can be used in small quantities around the collar or use a bleach pen to add drops of bleach exactly where you want them. Then, wash the t-shirt in hot water.

Using a stain spray before washing the t-shirt may help to lighten the stain. The sprays are often color-safe bleach that is stronger than standard washing detergent and can be used for spot treatments. There are also pre-treating pens that work much like the sprays. After using one of these treatments, let the t-shirt sit for at least 10 minutes to absorb the pre-treatment, then wash the t-shirt in hot water. This should lift some of the stain, particularly if the yellowing is new.

How to Prevent the Neck of Your T-Shirt from Stretching

There are many t-shirts that end up looking a little loose around the collar. When the neck of a t-shirt gets stretched out too far, it can make it a little less comfortable. It also makes it look wrinkled and a little worn out. There are several things that people do to stretch out the collar of their t-shirts. By avoiding those pitfalls, you can avoid the over-stretched collar look.

One of the ways that t-shirt necks get stretched is by changing the shape of the shirt. This can happen when the shirt is wet. One of the most important ways to avoid stretching out the neck is to never put on a t-shirt while it is wet. Even if the shirt is only damp, putting it on will stretch the neck a little. Dry a t-shirt until there is no moisture left in it before putting it on.

Unfortunately, there is the possibility of a t-shirt getting wet while it is being worn. If something is spilled around the neck area, or if sweat or rain causes the shirt to become wet, allow the shirt to dry out before taking it off. You can stand in front of a fan to make this go quicker, or you might sit in the sun.

When a t-shirt is wet, also avoid hanging it on a hanger. This can make the neck of the shirt stretch in both directions as the weight of the water in the shirt stretches it downward on the hanger. If you want to hang it up to dry, fold the t-shirt over the bottom of the hanger. Or, simply lay the shirt flat to dry instead of hanging it up. This will actually keep the shirt’s shape all over- not just at the neck.

To further protect a t-shirt from being stretched at the neck, avoid using hangers. Stretching the neck of a dry t-shirt over a hanger may not change the shape of it right away, but after it has been hung up many times, the neck will be stretched to some degree. T-shirts can be folded and put into a drawer for the best results. This will keep the neck area flat and keep it from being tugged down by gravity. Some people worry about their folded shirts developing wrinkles. But, cotton is a very soft fabric. This makes t-shirts are unlikely to wrinkle, even if they are folded. If a t-shirt does develop a wrinkle or two, simply put it into the dryer for a minute or two to smooth them out.

Another way to keep the shape of the neck is to be careful when putting it on. Some people get into the habit of stretching a shirt with their hands before they put it on. Others let the shirt linger too long on the head while it is being put on. Both of these habits may be unconscious, so being aware of the way the shirt is being put on is the key.