The Fastest Way to Dry a Shirt Without Using a Dryer

People use dryers because they are so fast and convenient. While drying clothes used to take up a lot of time for people before dryers were commonly available, today it takes one to two hours for a load to become dry in a clothes dryer. However, there are a number of times when people don’t wish to use a dryer. For some fabrics, it isn’t an option because of the risk of damaging the item of clothing. For t-shirts, there are many times when you need one dried as quickly as possible and you don’t have a drier available. That’s when you have to try and recreate some of what makes the drier work- heat and the movement of air.

There are a number of ways to dry clothes without using a dryer, though none will be as fast as using one. Perhaps the fastest way to dry a shirt without a dryer is to hang up the t-shirt and to allow it to be blown by a fan. Something that is blowing air across the shirt will dry it far faster than simply hanging the t-shirt up to dry and letting it drip dry on its own. Some people lay their shirt on a radiator, but the heat alone won’t dry it quickly. If you can point a fan at the radiator, the t-shirt will get both the air and the heat it needs to dry quickly.

The movement of air can be utilized in other ways as well if a fan is not available. An air register can be used in place of a fan, or the shirt may even be hung on a ceiling fan. Many people use outdoor wind power to dry their clothes. If you have a clothes line or a place to hang an item of clothing outdoors, this will be the fastest way to dry the clothing if it is a sunny day with a breeze. If the day is overcast or it is late in the evening, it will take considerably longer to dry the shirt with this method.

Even without a windy day, direct sunlight will be a quick way to dry the clothing. The sun will dry a shirt almost as quickly as a fan or an air register. If you are still wearing the shirt and it would be difficult to take it off to dry it, try keeping it on and staying out in the sunlight. If you remain in direct sunlight, you will be able to dry the shirt much more quickly than if you laid the shirt flat to dry or hung it up to drip dry. Many people find sun-drying to be the easiest quick method, even if it isn’t quite as fast as using a fan.

If you have a fan outdoors, you can keep the shirt in the sunlight while allowing it to be blown by the fan. This gives the t-shirt the best of all the fast-drying methods- sunlight, heat and moving air.

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