The Right T-shirt Can Make a Difference for “Man Boobs”

Even though the media may poke fun at them, the hard reality is that man boobs are not a laughing matter for those who have them. Man boobs, medically known as gynecosmastia, is a condition where a male’s breasts are enlarged, or his chest has excessive fat. Man boobs also known as ‘moobs’, can be humiliating and difficult to deal with if you’re the male with the unfortunate issue. Teenagers may often find themselves being made fun of and embarrassed to take their t-shirts off at a pool party or around any of their friends. And even if the t-shirt stays on, it’s often difficult for men, teenage boys, or children to hide the fact their man boobs exist. However, the right t-shirt could help conceal man boobs. In turn, the wrong t-shirt could make man boobs more obvious. Here are some pointers to keep in mind when selecting a t-shirt to help conceal man boobs.

Avoid t-shirts that are too thin or worn out
Avoid t-shirts made out of thin material. They can often be tempting as they can be breezy and cool, but they are also a culprit to making man boobs more evident. The thin material could cling against your skin and make the man boobs more evident or obvious. The same goes for a t-shirt that’s too thin or see-through due to wear and tear. It may be your favorite t-shirt, but the last thing most self conscious individuals want is for a thinning t-shirt to show off their man boobs. Focus on finding a heavy cotton t-shirt instead.

Avoid t-shirt materials that are too soft
As comfortable and tempting as they might be, avoid wearing t-shirts made out of soft cotton, or a soft rayon/cotton blend. These t-shirts can also cling to the skin and easily show rolls evident under the t-shirt. Man boobs can be very evident under a t-shirt that’s too soft. However, that’s not to say you can’t find a soft comfortable t-shirt to wear, but you want to use caution in your search. Also, using a fabric softener in both your washing machine and dryer will help soften up your more ‘durable’ t-shirts.

Avoid t-shirts that are too tight
This may seem to be an obvious one, but some may think wearing a t-shirt that’s a little too tight may help reduce the appearance of man boobs and rolls. On the contrary, the opposite often occurs. A t-shirt that’s too tight can emphasize rolls and make every single one very evident. It can even cause rolls to appear that aren’t normally there without the t-shirt on. It’s also true a t-shirt that’s too baggy may look sloppy and make you look larger than you are. Go for a t-shirt that’s a comfortable fit; not too tight, not too baggy.

Try wearing a tank top under your t-shirt
By trying this technique, the extra layer under your t-shirt can add a barrier between the t-shirt and your man boobs helping to create a smoother appearance. The tank top can also help hold the man boobs in to minimize their size.

Finally, be proud of who you are, and wear your t-shirts with pride!

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