The Underwater World and Oceanography T-Shirts

Oceanography is probably the least understood of all the scientific disciplines. Other disciplines, like biology, chemistry, anatomy, and physics are commonly studied at various levels in the educational system. Then there are others, like environmental science, geology, and astronomy that are known because of television shows and documentaries. The most that the average person knows about oceanography is that it has something to do with studying the ocean. Very few people actually get to see the world that exists under the sea. But YOU do. As a person who studies and/or loves oceanography, you know the world down there is so different than what is on dry ground. You know that there’s nothing like it above the water. As a matter of fact, you know that people who get exposed to it find it to be a fascinating place.

So how do you expose people to a world that is completely hidden from them? How do you show them what you see all the time? What can you do to help them discover the underwater world without forcing them into SCUBA gear or deep sea diving? How about exposing them to the world down under with some subtle things? The most subtle thing you could do is show them the world just by walking down the street, even if you’re not interacting personally. How? Through your clothing, like your t-shirts.

Let’s say you take a t-shirt and put pictures of oceanic life on those t-shirts, particularly some really cool things that don’t look like anything that appears above ground. For example, you could put pictures of underwater wildlife on a t-shirt, like sea anemone, starfish, jellyfish, coral, octopi, sponges, or schools of fish (sharks, dolphins, or even some rare fish that most people don’t know about). With these pictures, you could have a description of what’s on the picture, or some other vital statistical information. You could also put humor with some of these pictures, if you can think of some cool and humorous captions to go along with each picture.

One example might be a picture of jellyfish with a caption that mentions something humorous about a jellyfish’s sting. Another example would be a picture of starfish with something that humorous about seeing stars.

Other ideas for cool oceanic pictures that you could put on a t-shirt include the pictures of the ocean floor or the tectonics of the layers of the earth under the ocean.

If you would rather say something about oceanography specifically, you could come up with slogans and sayings that put a positive spin on oceanography or express your love for oceanography. For example, you could say some simple things like, “I love oceanography,” “My heart lives underwater. I’m an oceanographer,” “I heart oceanography,” or “oceanography is cool.” If you wanted to be a little more creative with the subject of oceanography, you could come with some creative slogans like: “When I look down I see stars. I’m an oceanographer.” “Oceanographers know how to make waves.”

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