Tips for a Man to Dress Like a Woman

Women’s clothing isn’t always as ways to put together as it may look when it’s on a woman. There are a lot of things to consider when dressing like a woman. It isn’t just a matter of what type of clothing is chosen and whether the outfit matches. There are a lot of things that woman consider when dressing that can make your look more attractive and more convincing.

When dressing like a woman, it’s important to choose clothing that will flatter your figure. On a woman, this often means that the pieces that are chosen are ones that play up the woman’s best features and play down any figure faults. On a man dressing like a woman, you can translate this into choosing pieces that will make you look more feminine and play down any figure areas that may look more masculine.

Creating a Waistline

To make the waist appear smaller and more feminine, choose something that has a waistline built into it. This can be a tailored jacket that carves out a waist on a male figure as well as it does on a woman’s. A skinny belt will also create the illusion of a woman’s waist, as will clothing items that have a horizontal strip across the middle.

If you want to get more creative with creating your outfit, use an attractive, brightly-colored scarf to create the waist line. Simply tie it around your waist as you would a belt and leave the ends free flowing and off center. You can tie at one side or off center in the front.

Creating Hips

Another aspect to making a figure look more feminine is to make the hips look larger than the waist. This can be done by wearing padding under the pants or skirt to make the hips look rounder. You might also try tying a sweater around your hips to add bulk to them. Wearing something that has a light color around the hips can also make them look larger. Another option is to choose something for the bottom half that is a size too larger to create more bulk in that area. This hides as well as emphasizes the hips. Just make sure that a larger size on the bottom doesn’t make the waist look too larger. This can be avoided by wearing a low-rise item that will not add bulk to the waist.


The top part of your dress or blouse will have a lot to hide as well as some illusions to create. To keep chest hair or an Adam’s apple from showing, the neckline should be concealing. It should give the allusion of covering a bust line while not giving away a masculine-looking chest. Many men who dress like woman choose to wear a padded bra underneath their tops. A well-padded bra means that there is no need to wear any type of falsies. The bra will stand up by itself and will round out the outfit by creating some feminine curves.

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  1. Shubhabrata Banerjee

    I want to dress up like a woman. As young girls dress up like boys why not boys dress up like women? The article is helpful for the type of men who have the mentality like me. I thank you heartily.

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