Ways to Hide Gynecomastia When Wearing a T-Shirt

When you have gynecomastia, it can seem like everyone is staring at your chest.  Many men who suffer from the condition feel that whatever they wear is calling attention to the issue. In reality, a person with the condition often feels like it is much more noticeable than it is. That feeling of embarrassment is often the real problem. To lose the embarrassment and gain some of your self-confidence back, there are several ways to downplay the chest area and to hide the condition of gynecomastia.

One of the first things to remember is that dark colors will make the area look smaller. This is true of just about everything in the visual world. If you want something to look smaller, make it look darker. Wearing a dark color also makes it more difficult to determine exactly where some shapes end another begins. If the entire T-shirt is a very dark color such as a dark blue or black, the shapes that make up the silhouette may not be noticeable.

For many people with gynecomastia, there is one best method of wearing a T-shirt in order to hide the condition. Wearing a T-shirt that is at least one size larger than the one that would otherwise be worn is a good way of hiding the condition. Some men prefer wearing T-shirts that are two sizes larger in order to have the entire T-shirt fit very loosely. This leaves the figure to the imagination as it will not fit tightly against the chest.

Another way to mask the size of the chest is to wear two T-shirts. Wearing a tight T-shirt with a looser one over it may keep people from being able to see exactly how the person’s figure looks. Wearing a t-shirt that is tight may also help to keep the enlarged areas flatter than they would otherwise be. When this is worn with a looser T-shirt on top of it, it can have a profound effect on how the persons figure looks. Even without a loose T-shirt under it, two lose T-shirts being worn together may create enough ripples in the fabric that it is difficult to figure out exactly what is a fabric ripple and what is not. Two T-shirts also provide more material to cover the chest, which makes the entire area far less prominent.

If you want to make sure that your chest is not noticeable, avoid wearing white T-shirts.  Choose darker colors when possible, but always avoid wearing a white T-shirt. If the T-shirt is very see-through, as white T-shirts sometimes are, this can make the gynecomastia far more noticeable. If you need a very light-colored T-shirt such as when going to the beach, choose something in a pastel rather than choosing a plain white one. This will give you the benefit of reflecting the sun away from yourself while still giving you a little bit of protection against the effects that a white T-shirt can sometimes have. This keeps you adequately covered while still providing you with the comfort you seek.

7 thoughts on “Ways to Hide Gynecomastia When Wearing a T-Shirt

  1. TS

    I have it too. Got it from taking testosterone prescribed from doctor. I lost a lot of weight which helped but probably will get surgery eventually.

  2. Gage

    i think it is gynecomastia and i am 12 right now onsummer vacation and am worried that people will notice.I feel like people are going to laugh at me so i want to hide it as much as possible.Is it possible to lose the fat while you still have gynecomastia????

  3. Ali

    I have a terrible time living with gynecomastia. My self esteem is down because of this condition.please help me get gynecerol which i feel is the best treatment for my condition.

  4. tom

    that double t- shirt thing is a Gud idea…after reading this i tried it wit double underwears.worked well.i even wore a satin and chest appeared flat.thank you Very much for your idea sir !

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