Why Don’t Men Usually Wear Pink T-Shirts?

Why don’t men wear pink T-shirts? To women it is a mystery. What is wrong with pink? After all, it is one of the most frequently worn colors by women. Maybe that’s part of the problem. Women are a lot more likely to name pink as their favorite color. Pink is the color of a beautiful rose. There is pink in a stunning sunset. They even go to great lengths to get a pinkish glow to their skin. Men on the other hand will wear lots of colors but most of they time they won’t wear pink T-shirts. What’s the deal?

It gets even more puzzling when you realize that men do like pink in some things. The key word there is some things. For example, a good steak has a little pink in the middle doesn’t it? In fact, the more pink in a steak the more manly, so they say. Pigs are pink and guys like pigs. Men eat bacon and ham even though it all came from a pink pig. Sometimes guys even act like pink pigs. Yet this acceptance of pink does not translate to wearing pink T-shirts. Why?

Well, unseen to the average woman, there is a great stigma over the color pink when it comes to clothes like T-shirts. Wearing it is regarded as slightly less than manly. Not the kind of message most guys want to send out to the world as they walk around in their T-shirts. No, they will not wear pink when black, gray, or blue are available to wear instead. These are much more manly shades. Ever notice that there are no male sports teams with the color pink on them? Some have boldly ventured out into purple. But, is there any pink anywhere? No.

Now, understand that some guys do venture out into wearing pink T-shirts. How bold they are! What non-conformists! Yes, perhaps they are to be admired above all. Maybe they are the most manly, not being dictated to by anyone on what to wear. Maybe they just do not know of the stigma and in their ignorance love their pink T-shirt and wear it proudly. We just can’t tell by looking. For some they may not venture into the T-shirt realm with pink but wear a pink tie or something like that. This is much more acceptable as far as the stigma goes.

Now, you can try to sell guys on pink but, for most, it won’t work. You could say, “Hey, isn’t pink just a light shade of red?” You could bring up that pink steak they ate or the very manly bacon and ham breakfast they downed earlier, but it still won’t work. This stigma has been a part of our culture for years and years. It will probably still be for a long time to come too. Maybe some day lots of men will start wearing pink T-shirts. But, for now, if they have one, it will lie buried deep in their drawer just like the quiche they were given lays deep in the back of their refrigerator never to come out.

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  1. rob

    Strange fact: Before the first world war (at least in the UK) baby boys used to be dressed in pink and girls in blue. Pink, being a shade of red, was considered to be a strong & manly colour, blue more soft and feminine. somewhere down the line this changed for reasons unknown.

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