Wearing a T-Shirt Under Your Polo Shirt – Fashion or Faux Pas?

Is wearing a T-shirt under your polo shirt considered fashionable? When is it not? Fashions come and go and change from place to place. What is considered trendy in one place may be nerdy in another. From season to season things definitely change in regards to style. If you are caught wearing something from last season’s trends amongst certain groups, you will never live it down. Yet, for the most part, the majority of people are not too rigid about the wrongs and rights of fashion. As long as it looks pretty good and is comfortable, people will continue to wear it, if it appeals to them.

People have been wearing T-shirts under polo shirts for many years now and it is still controversial as to whether it is a fashion or not. The layered look has been a trend in the past few years and would definitely encourage the idea of tees under polos. In some climates and during certain seasons it makes a lot of sense to layer. For other places and seasons, people will resist layering whether it is trendy or not because of the temperature.

The reason that people originally began to wear T-shirts under polo shirts was to keep the polo shirt dry and clean. By layering, the sweat from the body is absorbed by the shirt closest to the body. It has the chance to evaporate before settling into the polo shirt or other type of shirt that is worn over the T-shirt. This lead to a cleaner, fresher look for the wearer and no sweaty armpits showing to be self-conscious about. For some men this is very important as sweating distracts from the professional appearance they are trying to portray.

There are specific fashion guidelines to wearing a T-shirt under your polo shirt. Not following the guidelines leads to a definite fashion faux pas. It is important to wear a T-shirt that is lighter in color than the polo you have over it, to provide balance. The T-shirt should always be tucked in and should be the proper fit. Under no circumstances should the T-shirt be a bigger size than the polo because that would create bumps in the line of the clothing. Having the T-shirt sticking out from under the sleeves of the polo is also not visually appealing. T-shirts that have a V neckline should never be paired with a polo shirt.

Get yourself a variety of custom-made white or light-colored T-shirts today to wear under your polo shirts, to keep yourself warm or cooler or dryer or just for the look of it. You can even have fun with your shirts and have them printed with something funny like “This is my under the polo shirt”, “Property of __” or “This shirt never sees the light of day.” Having a good variety of T-shirts means you are always ready to throw a polo over one and head out the door. The look will take you just about anywhere.

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