What Length Dress to Wear

Length dress

A Dress for Every Occasion

Women love to wear dresses and there is good reason for that. Dresses allow a woman to express herself and stay feminine all at the same time. What’s more, dresses offer great comfort and there is a dress for every occasion. But how do you know which type of dress goes best with each occasion? This can usually be determined by the dress’ length.

Wearing dresses really should come down to comfort but in this fashionably savvy world in which we live there are actually a few rules that should be heeded as well:

Casual: When going casual sky’s the limit. You need to consider comfort first and fashion second. The biggest no, no is wearing a dress that doesn’t compliment your body. As far as the length goers you can go conservative with a dress that comes down to your ankles or go a bit more on the risqué side and wear a dress that only comes down to the top of your knee. Since you are going casual the only person that dictates the rule on length here is you.
Work: When you are wearing a dress to go to work in you don’t want to go too short. Really you shouldn’t go any higher than knee length. Remember you want to be noticed at work for the things you do at work not for the clothes you wear. Stay professional and stay on the longer side.
Semi-formal events: Depending on the type of event it is you usually have two choices; dresses and gowns. In the evening you will probably want to go with a gown especially if the event is more on the formal side. The length is usually longer and the gown will tend to be a bit more on the elegant side. If you are attending an afternoon semi-formal event then you can usually opt for a longer dress. If the event is more of a laid back atmosphere with many friends in attendance then you may be able to get away with a slightly shorter style, but you still shouldn’t go shorter that knee length.
Night out on the town: If you are just going to let it all hang out for a girl’s night out then you can again go wild and choose what you like. This will be the most acceptable time to break out that dress that is really short and maybe on the tighter side. If you don’t want to go with such a revealing dress you can go with a semi-revealing dress that comes down to about mid thigh. This will give you more coverage but still let you flaunt your stuff just a bit.

When in doubt go a bit longer than you want to. While there are certain situations where you can get away with going a bit longer in length, nothing makes you stand out the wrong way faster than wearing a totally inappropriate short dress. That will have you called many names fairly quickly.

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