What to Wear to a Baptism


A baptism is a Christian ritual that is performed with water by which one is admitted membership into the Christian Church and is said by some to have their soul protected from evil. A baptism is a very important day for all of those that are a part of it and just the fact that you get invited to attend this special day should be met with a feeling of gratuity. So what should you wear when attending a baptism?

What you will wear when attending a baptism will all depend on the role in which you play in that baptism. Here is how it breaks down:

•    Parents: Your child only gets baptized once and you will want to dress for the occasion. Dress to the nines but don’t go all out and rent a tux. A nice suit and tie will do the trick for the dads and the moms can wear an elegant dress that is a bright and cheery color.
•    God Parents: One of the greatest honors there are is to have the parents of the child being baptized to ask you to be a God Parent of the child. This honor is usually reserved for the closest friends of the parents or may even be a sibling or another relative. A God Parent will stand with the child and the parents at the baptism and will swear to take care of the child should anything happen to the parents. Because of this honor it is important that you dress your best on the day of the baptism. You will be in photos and the day will long be remembered so you will want to ensure that you look your best. Guys should therefore wear a suit with a neck tie and women should wear a nice day dress.
•    Attending friend: If you are a friend of the family that has been invited to attend you will want to dress up but not as much as the God Parents do. For guys a pair of nice dress slacks will fit the bill topped with a nice button down shirt. It is not necessary to wear a neck tie in this case. For women you can go with a nice pair of dress pants and a chic dress blouse that is not too casual. Never show a lot of skin as that will come off as tacky.

You need to remember that the baptism will take place in a church and that you will want to dress accordingly. Just think how you would show up for a Sunday service. Would you show up in your shorts and a tank top? Of course not, well a baptism should be no different. After all, there is a reason it is called your ‘Sunday best.’

Remember it is an extreme honor just to be invited to the baptism of another person. Take that initiation to heart and be sure that you are dressed appropriately so that you will help to honor the joyful day properly.

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