High waist skirt

What to Wear with a High Wasted Skirt

High waist skirt

High wasted skirts have seemed to make their way back into the fashion front as of late. These ultra slimming skirts are a play on the traditional pencil skirt that is of course worn high on the hips to give the appearance of longer and sexier legs. These skirts can be found in a variety of styles such as zipper front and side button, and materials such as spandex, wool, and polyester. What this all equals is more of an opportunity for you to incorporate this revived fashion into your everyday wardrobe. But what do you wear with a high waisted skirt?

Because the point to a high wasted skirt is to give the appearance of elongated legs you will want to wear things with your high wasted skirt that accentuate or call attention to that. You must also take into consideration the occasion you will be wearing the skirt and what the skirt looks like. Here a few ways that you can incorporate high wasted skirts into your everyday clothing lineup:

•    Denim skirt: If your high waisted skirt is denim then you can wear a white blouse that is made of a lightweight material. You will of course tuck in the shirt so that you can show off the fact that you are wearing a high waisted skirt and you can tie the outfit in with a fashionable wide belt. If it is cooler out then pair the outfit with a gray cardigan. For footwear you can go with gladiator shoes which are currently all the rage in Hollywood and will look perfect with this style.
•    Solid colored skirts: For a more casual look with a solid color high waisted skirt you can simply go with a bright v-neck or a cool graphic tee. Again you will tuck these in and use a wide belt to tie the outfit together. Your shoes can be ballerina flats or even heels if you like. Add even more fun to the mix by wearing a pair of black tights underneath. For a more formal look with a solid colored skirt you can wear an Oxford sweater tucked in and use a belt that is a loud color that will draw attention to itself. Heels are a must when going formal.
•    Skirts with patterns: If the skirt has a floral print then you will want to stick with solid color tees that are either crew neck or v-neck and tuck them in. The belt should match one of the colors in the pattern and so should your shoes. You can get a little creative in this department and wear calf high boots to enhance the fun look. If the skirt has an animal print then you can enhance that by a dark colored vest tops tucked in that have chunky silver or gold jewelry on them. Heels go great with the animal print look.

Remember, the purpose of a high wasted skirt is only apparent if you tuck in your shirts so everyone can see the fact that you have one on. If you leave your shirt untucked, nobody but you will know what it is you are wearing.

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