New t-shirt

Why Are New T-shirts So Stiff?

New t-shirt

Whenever you buy new clothing, there always seems to be a strange feeling to the fabric. It tends to very stiff and uncomfortable to wear. This is one of the reasons that many people swear by the fact that T-shirts must be washed prior to use. Once washed the same T-shirt tends to be soft, yielding and relaxed. It is like a totally different shirt. This is often simply because the cotton fibers in the garment have had a chance to relax in the water and return to their natural state after all the stress of production.

Additionally, can be a buildup of excess chemicals on the new T-shirts that may cause them to feel very stiff to the touch. Unless you opt for organic cotton, your T-shirt may have been covered in chemicals even from before it was made. Cotton is one of the crops that receives the most chemical treatments of all. Therefore even in the growing stage the cotton was getting chemicals.

In the plant where it was made into thread and then fabric, it was again treated with chemicals. Again during the sewing process, even more chemicals may have been added to make a shiny appearance and other chemicals were put on it before the item was pressed. Excess dye was used and remained on the garments after purchase. Therefore all these things accumulated to create a rather stiff final product.

By opting for certain types of T-shirts you will not have to deal with the initial stiffness of T-shirts that are so uncomfortable. Combed ring spun cotton is exceptionally soft and is a great choice for a T-shirt you plan to have printed. When opting for this type of T-shirt, remember that it will probably be slightly stiffer than it will be after that first wash but it is much softer than comparable tees.

If you find that your T-shirts are too stiff, opt for pre-washed cotton tees that are custom-made. You will get to choose the fabric, the style, color, fit and design. You can create a perfect T-shirt that you will look forward to wearing time after time, because it is so totally you. Choose to put a favorite photo, drawing or other image on a T-shirt. You can instead print a cool line that is typically you, like a joke, a clever one-liner, something sarcastic or something you feel strongly about. You can choose to educate others with a T-shirt full of information. You also have the option of stating your pride about something or supporting a cause.

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