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Celebrities Wear Big Brands and a Brief History of Puma Brand

David Duchovny Puma

David Duchovny was spotted wearing a heathered grey ringer t-shirt with a green neckline and Puma across the chest. Newsweek had an interesting story about how the brands Puma and Adidas got started. In the 1920s two brothers Adolf (Adi) and Rudolf Dassler started a shoemaking business in Herzogenaurach but they had different ideas about the business and life and they decided to split. Adi renamed the business Adidas and Rudolf registered his company Puma which resulted in two of the biggest sporting brands for both shoes and t-shirts. Check out the full history of Puma in a Newsweek interview with Barbara Smit who wrote the book “Sneaker Wars” at Newsweek. Image Via: Pacific Coast Online

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