Don’t Make Things Complicated, Dress like Avril Lavigne

Everyone thinks that they have their own personal style. For the most part, people wear things and design their wardrobes based on what they like. However, everyone has fashion influences and usually they come from their favorite musicians, movie stars, and other fashion icons that give them inspiration. Of course, you can’t look exactly like your fashion muse. But you can certainly work to pin down the essence of their look.

Avril Lavigne has made a name for herself in the music industry. She’s a petite little gal, but she’s got a big voice. She’s always inspired tons of her fans and followers to be true to themselves and not just follow the pack. But if she wanted her listeners to be unique, she should have made an effort to not always look so cool. Now, most of her fans just want to look and dress like Avril Lavigne.

However, you have to give Avril some credit for making it pretty easy for her fans to achieve her signature look. Instead of bashing around Hollywood wearing the most expensive duds, Avril likes to keep it pretty basic. It just goes to show that you can look pretty fabulous without a wardrobe that costs more than a small L.A. loft.

Avril likes to carry off a serious punk look with just a few simple ingredients. All you need to dress like Avril Lavigne is a t-shirt, some baggy pants, and some serious black eyeliner. Within minutes, you’ll look like one of Avril’s entourage that strayed from the tour bus. Who knew that such a hip urban look could be so easy and simple to recreate.

However, the trick to pulling off the essence of Avril is to be yourself and put your own twist on the overall look. Avril herself wouldn’t want you to look just like her. She’d want you to be yourself. With that, custom printing your own personally designed t-shirts is a great way to achieve the ultimate Avril Lavigne look.
With the help of a custom t-shirt printing company, your personal artwork, designs, or ideas can come to life on the front—or back—of a t-shirt. All you have to do is create a concept for the shirt, submit it to the t-shirt printer, and you can have an entirely unique shirt in your closet in no time. In fact, you’ll be able to create shirts that are so cool that your friends will want to dress like you instead of Avril.

Avril wouldn’t want you to make things complicated. Keep it simple with a style that consists of your own personally designed, custom printed t-shirts and you’ll have a look that even the ultra famous and successful Avril Lavigne would be proud of.

After all, if you’re going to dress like a celebrity, it’s always best to choose one that is down to earth and understands the power of the t-shirt. To dress like Avril Lavigne, tap into your creative side and design your very own t-shirts.

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