How to Dress at 70


When dressing in your 70s, you may be more concerned with comfort than most other issues. You likely already have your own personal style but may wonder whether you are expressing it well. For the most part, as long as you’re comfortable and your colors aren’t too bright, you are generally age appropriate at 70.


Jeans are a good, comfortable thing to wear at 70. Because people at 70 tend to carry a lot of weight around their middles, you may find that high-waisted jeans are far more comfortable than many other styles. Generally, dark jeans are considered more age appropriate than lighter colored jeans. But, this is not always the case. If you are wearing a light-colored top on a summer evening, go ahead wear the light jeans.

Quality Accessories

While the rest of your outfit may be for comfort, your accessories can be just for fun. At 70, many people invest in a few very high-quality items that will always look good with anything and that will last a long time. A good quality handbag, even if it very trendy, is a great statement about your own style. Designers like Fendi and Prada make high-quality bags with classic looks that are perfect at any age.

Having one or two very nice pieces of jewelry is also recommended at 70. These show off your taste as being impeccable. They can be worn with anything from a track suit to a business suit.

High-quality shoes are particularly important when you are in your 70s. Shoes that are comfortable and that support your arches are important for staying active. In most cases, a stylish pair of leather shoes that are very high quality can make a lot of difference in how you feel and the way your outfit looks. Even if you are dressed very casually, a stylish pair of shoes can work wonders for your mood and for your outfit.

Flattering the Face

A main principle of dressing in your 70s is to draw attention to your face. This can be done with interesting necklines that are not low-cut but not straight and boring. Some lace at the top or an interesting shape cut into the collar can bring the eye upward to your face. This can also be done by wearing some interesting jewelry. A sparkly necklace with some sparkly earrings will definitely bring everyone’s attention upward to your face.

You may also want to put emphasis on your hands. Having sparkly rings and bracelets and an interesting detail or two on your cuffs will bring the attention to your hands. Pair this with a brightly-colored manicure and you have made your outfit flattering.

At 70, don’t feel badly about spending a lot on your clothes. High quality clothes will look best on you and 70 is the best time to buy those clothes. Stay away from the cheaper clothes that you might have bought before and concentrate on ones that will resist wear and keep looking stylish.

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  1. Louise Krekic

    I think low wasted jeans are more comfortable because the waistband hits bellow the fat waist. The high wasted jeans look on a fat person as if they are for someone else.

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