No Longer Taboo, Custom T-Shirts Appropriate In More Places than You’d Guess

In today’s increasingly fast-paced world, the unnecessary formalities and old-world notions of “propriety” are becoming ever-more uncommon. Casual is the new norm. Who has the time to deal with the petty pleasantries of the overly formal?

The way people dress is certainly not immune from this shift towards the comfortable and quick. One of the biggest signs of this is how common the T-shirt has become. Today’s lifestyles demand clothing that is quick, convenient, and durable. The T-shirt is the perfect answer!

I know what you’re thinking: maybe for my children but certainly not for me! Kids can get away with a t-shirt at just about any function and with so many appealing textures, bright colors and exciting designs to choose from, they can always find a style to suit their mood. Your children love to wear them to school, to play, even to sleep, and you love them because they’re east to clean, durable and reasonably priced. With all of these things going for them, why do adults feel like they’re outgrown t-shirts?

We should all take a page from the little ones’ book. Why not make our lives a little easier–and our wardrobe a little hipper–by reclaiming the tee. Long gone are the days of clear cut fashion do’s and don’ts. Style is no longer been black and white; no one way right or wrong. The 21st century is an accepting, understanding and creative place and the t-shirt is no longer taboo.

A simple shirt is the perfect base to a sophisticated, individual, and adult wardrobe. A staggeringly wide variety of colors, styles, even fabrics–all natural, organic, synthetic blends–are now more available than ever. The myriad options make crafting your wardrobe an exciting experience.

Surely you already know that a t-shirt is the perfect answer to working around the house, trips to the store, and lazy weekends. But why not take your plain tee one step further? By personalizing your shirt with hand-made decorations or a store-printed design, you instantly take your clothing to the next level. No matter what the situation, an individualized expression of yourself is always appropriate! Tell your office mates how proud you are of your son’s baseball team by wearing your coach’s jersey to casual Fridays. Introduce your new grandchild to the world with a home-made photo tee.

You don’t have to stop at just one shirt. We all know the weather can be unpredictable and layering one shirt on top of another is a great way to protect yourself. Layering can also give even the oldest piece new life. Guys, try throwing on a button down shirt over a plain tee for a complex, and put-together look. Try out different colors and styles until you find the some combinations that suit you. Ladies, let your creativity show by wearing fitted long-sleeved tees under t-shirts or tank tops—you will keep out the cold and show the world your style!

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