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Plus Size Women Fashion Tips – What Not to Wear

Plus size

Everyone was created differently and for that reason it really is true that everyone is special in their own unique way. When it comes to the shape of women, some were created petite and some were created as more of a plus size. While one is no better that the other, there are certain things that a plus size woman should avoid wearing.

Fashion often comes down to how good you feel in a garment, but there are some easy no, no’s to avoid that will have you looking better and feeling better as a result no matter how plus in size you are. Some things to avoid as a plus size woman are:

•    Horizontal lines: Horizontal lines tend to give things, including people, a stretched image. If you are already a plus size then wearing clothing that features these types of lines is only drawing to that fact on a greater level.
•    Sizes too small: If you are a size 16, then wear a size 16. A lot of times, especially with dresses, you may find an unbelievably cute dress that is a size or so too small for you. Don’t give into temptation and get the dress thinking you can pull it off. If you are already plus sized, then wearing extra tight clothing is not going to compliment your figure. Stick to dresses and other clothing in your size and leave the stuff that is too small alone. As cute as it is, there are other ones just as cute that will actually fit you, so just leave it on the rack.
•    Bright colors: Bright colors make for bigger appearances. Avoid bright yellows, reds, and violets to name a few as this will give the impression that you are bigger than you are. Again, you want to compliment your figure, not complicate it. This isn’t to say that you have to dress in dark drab colors all the time, but be careful how bright you go.
•    Skinny Jeans: Skinny jeans, or tapered leg jeans, only look good on skinny women – and the jury is still out on that- and will not compliment your full figure. Wearing skinny jeans will not only be very uncomfortable on you they can also give you the appearance of having stumpy looking ankles and that is not a look you will want to go for. Stick to the loose fit jeans and let the 100 pound and under women have the skinny jean trend.
•    Short-shorts: Not everyone in the world was designed to wear short shorts and if you are a plus sized woman, avoid them. If you insist on wearing short shorts you are asking to be teased and that is not going to do your image or your self-esteem any good. There are plenty of cute carpris and bahama shorts that will not only fit you great, but compliment your fuller figure as a result.

You should never have to feel bad that you are a plus size woman as you are just as special as anyone else alive today. Dressing yourself to look great, helps you feel great as a result and will help you keep that great looking smile on your face day in and day out.

5 thoughts on “Plus Size Women Fashion Tips – What Not to Wear

  1. Wow

    Well….I think that this article is false.
    I wear a size 16 and I have all sorts of skinny jeans(in bright colors)and short shorts and they do not look horrible on me.
    I’ve had plenty of compliments and I think I look great in them.

  2. Gretchen

    “Full figured” women are just like “regular figured” women, it’s just that there is proportionally more of us. Some larger women have killer legs, some have amazing decolletage (best held up with a well fitted bra), some are thick through the middle and some are thick through the bottom. Every woman can play up her strengths and minimize her problem areas, regardless of her size – a full length mirror, preferably a 3-way mirror, is a girl’s best friend.

    Color is actually an ally; the only thing that makes me wince are the garishly patterned clothes you often see in the plus size department, as if 8″ wide multi-colored flowers are going to distract people from our size somehow. Good color choices draw attention to assets, even out skin appearance and project confidence. The rules of good taste still apply.

  3. kyra

    I don’t think this artical is real. I dress like this every day and i don’t see anything different about my styil. I cliked this site because i thought i could get more friends because I am realy shy and this site did nothing 2 help me.I would’nt recomend this website.

  4. wow?

    To the comment above, skinny jeans are called skinny jeans for a reason, and short shorts really do not look good on bigger people.
    Not trying to make you feel bad, but noone’s gonna tell you you look bad, so of course they’ll give you compliments!
    wear stuff that suits you, not stuff that doesn’t. 🙂

  5. OkayThen

    This article is wrong in so many ways I agree with Wow and short shorts can be worn by plus sized women if they have long and or shapely legs, sorry to crush your theory but not all plus sized women have ‘beefy legs’.

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