Should Your Shirt Be Darker Than Your Pants?

The question of color and how it works on clothing is one that has been debated for centuries and will continue to be debated for a few more. The answer usually has to do with the fashions of the time. There are some years, and some specific seasons within a year, when light-colored shirts will be more in style. In the spring and summer, a light shirt that is lighter than the color of the pants will probably look nice as a seasonally-appropriate color.

In many areas, a light shirt with darker pants may even be expected in the winter. The temperature of the local area often has a lot to do with the colors that people wear. In an area that has a warm climate all year, the colors of the clothing may not vary at all throughout the year. In areas like this, light-colored shirts may be in style all year in order to celebrate the warm weather. In a place where the winters and summers have dramatically different temperatures, the colors people wear are often light during hot times and dark during cold times.

Another factor in deciding which colors will be the best to wear is the effect that different colors have on the eye. The major effect that many people notice is that darker colors make them look slimmer. This is a well-known trick to the eye that leads many people to wear dark colors most of the time. A darker color on top can lead the eye to believe that you are slimmer on top than you are. If you have a problem area on top, a shirt that is darker than your pants will be an effective way to minimize that problem.

If, however, you are self-conscious about your legs and want to take attention away from them, this color scheme won’t work. Wearing a lighter color on top will draw the eye there instead of at the legs and will make the legs look slimmer.

It’s also important to consider the way you look in certain colors. There are many people who simply look better in darker colors than lighter colors. If you aren’t sure what your best colors are, try holding a few shirts up in front of you and looking in the mirror. Notice the way the color of the shirt changes the way your face looks. The right colors can enhance your best features. The wrong colors may even make you look unhealthy and sallow.

If you simply want to wear the season’s most fashionable colors, take a cue from celebrities. Notice what they wear and chances are that the colors they have on are what’s in style. Also look through magazines to get an idea about what colors are in at the moment. Usually there is a specific color family that is most in style at any given moment. Whether that color is light or dark, wearing it will instantly make you a fashionable person who is part of the trend.

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