What to Wear to School Non-Uniform Day


It’s a non-uniform day at school, and you have the freedom to wear just about anything you want. So is that a good thing … or a bad thing? You have to admit that uniforms take a lot of the stress out of dressing for school. Just slap on your uniform, add a couple of accessories, do your hair and makeup, and you’re ready to go! But having to wear a uniform can also limit the personal expression you enjoy when you can dress the way you feel from head to toe. A school non-uniform day can be a bit intimidating, but with a little planning you can use it to showcase your true personality and have fun while doing it.

Plan ahead. Don’t wait until the morning of to decide what you’re going to wear. You’ll need some time to put together a look that looks “put together.”

Decide what sort of clothes personality you are. If you’re a girly girl, you will want to get out the skirts, dresses, cute shirts, cute shorts, and whatever is feminine and frilly. The more pink, the better. If you tend to lean more toward punk or goth styles, go with dark, somber colors and metallic accessories. Or maybe you’re somewhere in between, which is fine too. Have fun combining different styles to create your own unique look.

Start at the bottom. Decide what you’d like to wear on the bottom of your outfit, whether it’s jeans or a skirt. If you’re going to wear a dress, this won’t be an issue. School clothing should be somewhat casual, so save the sparkly, strappy outfits for your next party. Baggy pants aren’t in for girls, but your bottoms should not be so tight that skin is oozing out the top either. Skinny jeans are very hip right now, as long as they fit right. Wear clothing that is comfortable, since you will be walking and sitting in it all day.

Add the right shirt. Choose a shirt that complements your bottom piece. If you’re wearing jeans or a jean skirt, you can choose just about any top and it will look great. Be sure the colors coordinate. Don’t wear shirts that are too revealing. If your shirt is low-cut or a little short, layer it with a tank or cami underneath to solve the problem.

Pick a pair of cool shoes. If you’re wearing jeans, a pair of sneakers or sandals will work well. Skirts and dresses look better with sandals, ballet flats or low heels. Steer away from shoes with high heels unless you don’t do much walking at school and you don’t have gym class.

Add subtle accessories. Dangly earrings in interesting shapes and colors are a lot of fun, or go with some strings of pretty beads and a bracelet. If allowed, try a cute hat that matches the rest of the colors in your outfit. Don’t overdo the accessories though or you’ll look like a Christmas tree.

Match your hair to your outfit. Plan a hairstyle that goes with your clothes, depending on whether you’re looking sophisticated or more casual.

Be yourself! Don’t look like you’re trying hard to be someone you’re not. Dress in a way that is comfortable for you.

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