Are Black Or White T-Shirts Fancier Or More Dressy?

T-shirts are T-shirts. They are a great addition to any wardrobe because they can go practically everywhere. You can wear them for the most casual of occasions or dress them up for almost the fanciest of events. However, many people often wonder whether black or white T-shirts are fancier or dressier than other T-shirts. The truth is any color T-shirt can be dressy or fancy depending on the condition that it is in, the care you take of it and how you match it.

What sets black and white T-shirts apart from the rest is that they are more classic; hence they more often fit well in a fancier or dressier outfit. They are much more versatile than other colors. You get a completely different look from putting a colored T-shirt with a pair of nice pants or from putting a black or white T-shirt with the same pants. The look is simple elegance and it is very appealing. Either black or white T-shirts will look good with business suits and under dress shirts, blouses and blazers.

Proper care of your black or white T-shirt will ensure that they remain a staple in your fancy, dressy clothes. Be sure to properly and promptly treat all stains to be sure your tee stays in great shape. Be sure to use the proper laundry techniques to keep your white T-shirt super white. Dingy white T-shirts are never appropriate for fancy wear or dressy clothes. With black T-shirts, wash them inside out, preferably in cold water with a little salt added to the water to preserve the color. There are also some new specialty laundry detergents on the market that you can use to help keep your dark clothes dark. A faded shirt is never fancy or dressy. In addition, be sure to iron your black and white T-shirts to ensure that they look their absolute best. You can never pull off dressy clothes with wrinkles in them.

When you look at your wardrobe and realize that you do not have a white or black T-shirt in good enough condition to wear to those fancier occasions, it is time to break down and get new T-shirts. Get yourself a custom-made T-shirt that is perfect for those special times that need a little extra touch.

With custom-made tees your choices are endless. You can wear a bright white, cotton T-shirt with a small design or no design. You can choose a black T-shirt with a regular neckline or a v-neck or even one of each. Remember too that heavyweight cotton tees are much fancier than lightweight ones, which may sometimes look cheap. Keep a variety of custom-made fancy T-shirts on hand and you will be ready for practically any dressy occasion. You can even have fun with the idea of T-shirts as dress-clothes by having a nice black or white T-shirt custom printed with a message like “These are my dress clothes.”

Get a rich-looking, custom-made white or black T-shirt today and be ready for anything.

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