Do T-Shirts Make You Look Older or Younger?

T-shirts are extremely comfortable and go well with most pants, jeans, or shorts. There are so many varieties of t-shirts that there is usually a shirt to fit your personality or the situation. However comfortable and easy to wear they are, you may wonder if they make you look older or younger. This is one of the questions that are not as simple as a one or two word answer; there are too many factors to consider.

The style of shirt you choose to wear has a major impact on whether or not you will look younger or older. A nice fitted t-shirt that allows some definition of your body’s curves should give you a younger looking appearance. If your shirt is too baggy then you may look older. If your shirt doesn’t fit properly, not only will you look older you may also look physically out of shape. A shirt that is too tight and causes bulging is just as unflattering as a shirt that is many sizes too big. If your shirt is the correct size that allows some curves for women and more muscular definition for men, then you will not only look younger but also more physically in shape.

What is printed on your t-shirt is also an important factor in determining how you are going to look age wise in it. A shirt will a rock n’ roll band or a country band gives off the appearance of youth where as a t-shirt that has shows names or pictures of your grandchildren will obviously make you look older. T-shirts that represent places you have visited or lived can be tricky. This is where you need to choose a shirt that isn’t quite as generic as normal. Choose the proper size as well as color. If you chose a color that doesn’t work well for your skin tone, your will look paler and thus older.

How you wear your shirt is another factor to consider. Tucking your shirt into your pants or jeans usually makes you look older unless you have chosen the proper fitting and the right pair of jeans. This is tricky to pull off for most people. Leaving your shirt un-tucked gives you a more youthful appearance since most young people do leave them un-tucked. Rips in t-shirts may not make your age look any different, but it does look less polished. Be aware of the image you are portraying if you choose to wear a t-shirt with rips or holes.

If you want to look great and younger in your t-shirts you just have to be considerate of what you choose. Make sure your shirts are fitted to your body size without creating unsightly bulges or being too loose to see any definition in your body. The shirt should have a great saying or printing that point towards youth instead of the older generations. You need to also ensure that you choose colors that will compliment your skin tone so you do not appear pale and sickly. Doing these things will increase the likelihood that your t=shirt will make you appear younger instead of older.

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