Should I Buy a Fitted or Loose Shirt?

The answer to this question can be a complicated one. The first consideration is what you will be doing in the t-shirt. Another consideration is how you will feel about the t-shirt if it is tight or loose. Yet another consideration is where you may be going in your t-shirt and how appropriate it will be to wear the t-shirt there.

A loose-fitting t-shirt is a far better choice if you will be engaging in strenuous physical activities. If the t-shirt will be worn while playing sports, jogging or other physical sports, a loose t-shirt is one that will allow you to move more freely. A tight t-shirt can make sports a little less comfortable and may impede your range of motion while playing. It might also make you feel warmer when you get hot from physical exercise. In these cases, a loose t-shirt can allow a little bit of air between you and your t-shirt and cool you off a little faster.

Another important thing to keep in mind is how you will feel emotionally when wearing the t-shirt. You might want to buy a loose shirt if wearing a tight one would be embarrassing to you. Everyone has times when they don’t feel like having the world see their figure. If all you have is tight t-shirts, those will be hard days. It might be best to have a selection of both tight t-shirts and loose t-shirts so that no day has to make you feel uncomfortable or embarrassed.

It is also very important to be aware of where the t-shirt is likely to be worn and whether a tight t-shirt will be appropriate there. If you are planning to run errands in the t-shirt like the grocery store and the bank, it probably doesn’t matter whether the t-shirt is tight or loose. But, if you plan on wearing it to school, work, to church or to a relative’s house, a loose shirt will probably be a better idea. There are some people who will be embarrassed by a tight t-shirt. In those cases, wearing a very tight shirt may be looked at as disrespectful.

Tight t-shirts are fun and definitely have their occasions. But, tight t-shirts are more comfortable for many people. If you find yourself changing your mind a lot about what kind to buy, think about buying one of each. A favorite t-shirt design can then be worn to different occasion without causing any problems. It will also make it a little easier to go through small changes in weight and monthly water weight gain. On those days you can slip on the loose shirt for an instantly comforting fit. When you loose a few pounds, go for the tighter one.

Having one of each also ensures that you can wear the same great design to both church and to a night out with friends. The loose one will be much appreciated at work and you will be much appreciated out at night in the tight one.

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