Is It Fashionable to Wear a T-Shirt Over a Thermal Shirt?

As weather turns cold, you may be forced to choose between being warm and looking cool in your stylish t-shirt. That is unless you can wear a thermal shirt under it. A thermal shirt under a t-shirt, if worn in the proper circumstances, can be fashionable. What are those circumstances you may be wondering?  First, you need to choose a t-shirt and thermal shirt combination for the right weather, activities, and location. Second, you need to pair a properly weighted thermal shirt and t-shirt combination. Last, consider the print and color combinations you are using when wearing both.

Carefully consider the day’s weather before choosing this combination. If the day is too warm, you may end up looking like one of those people who is trying too hard to follow a trend at all costs in your dynamic duo. You may even get too hot in your day’s clothing choice and have to sneak into a restroom to shed a layer. However, on the right weather day, you will look stylish and practical. Often spring and fall weather offers the perfect conditions for pairing a t-shirt and thermal shirt.
After considering the weather, think about what activities you’ll be doing. A thermal shirt worn with a t-shirt is perfect for a day of hiking, biking, or almost any other outdoor activity in which a plain t-shirt would not be warm enough. A casual day hanging out with friends at a coffee shop is another.

Finally, if you’re going to be somewhere that the people look like they just stepped out of an REI catalog, this combination is perfect. Think comfy casual. Maybe that’s why this pairing is so perfect for college students and a clothing staple for many of them.

If the right weather, occasion, and location exist, you need to think about the weight of the t-shirt and thermal shirt you want to wear together. In order to be fashionable, the fit of both has to be just right. The thermal shirt should be fairly light weight and fit closely to your body.  The t-shirt should also be lightweight and needs to fit comfortably over the thermal shirt without making you look like a box. You want to appear as if you still have some curves and are not the stay- puff marshmallow man!

Once you’ve selected appropriately weight shirts, you need to consider the print and color combinations of the thermal shirt and the t-shirt. While you may have thought this step should come before fit, it doesn’t because you can probably pull off some pretty crazy combinations if the fit is right. That said, unless you’re trying to make a statement, it is usually best to pair neutral color combinations and limited patterns.

Now that you’ve pulled together a fashionable thermal shirt and t-shirt combination for your day, make sure you choose the appropriate pants, shoes, and accessories to complete the mood of your day and activities. Now show your friends and family how stylish a thermal shirt under a t-shirt can be!

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