Does My T-Shirt Match? A Question for Every T-Shirt Wearer

Matching colors when you are getting dressed is something that most of us focus on and others simply do not. However, in order to look your best, it is important to wear colors that match and complement one another. Let’s face it, bright orange and bright purple simply do not make a combination that is pleasing to the eye.

From every age you will hear the question, does my T-shirt match? It comes from young children practically every time they get dressed. From adults it is less common, but will get asked when the wearer is not sure. Men are more often the ones who ask their wives for advice on matching colors.

Color is incredibly important to the look we are trying to present. Poor use of color will not put forth the impression that we have made an effort or that our appearance is important. Therefore to make the best impression possible on others, it is important to match, even when you are wearing a T-shirt. A good use of color gives an aura of sophistication, good taste, and style to the person wearing a well-matched outfit.

There are certain things that will match practically any color T-shirt. They are jeans; black pants, shorts or a skirt; and to a lesser degree khakis. Blue jeans and black bottoms match well with any color tee and make for easy dressing and coordination. When you are wearing khakis, you have almost the same ease. White T-shirts and khaki T-shirts definitely do not match with khaki pants or shorts, unless you want to look like a nurse or chef. The combination of two almost white colors gives the impression that you are wearing a uniform. With the exception of those colors, any goes with khaki.

Apart from those three easy-to-match colors, matching two or more colors together is often a dicey proposition depending on your experience and taste. To make it more difficult, what is considered matching also changes with what is in style. Green and pink was not considered a match until recently, nor was brown and pink. With this said, different hues and tones also contribute to the match factor. Not all tones of green match with all tones of pink.

Some rules of thumbs when matching are:

  • Avoid seasonal color matches. For example, red and green do not match, nor do pale yellow and pale pink. Black and orange tend to look best together at Halloween.
  • Do not try to put colors that are similar to each other together thinking that they will automatically match. Often two tones of any one color together look like a sloppy attempt to make a match. If you have more than three tones of the same color, it is a fashion disaster.
  • Try to find balance in working with bright colors. If you are wearing something bright on top, wear a more muted or neutral color on bottom and vice versa.

One thing is sure, with these tips in mind T-shirts are easy to match. Having a good selection of different T-shirts will make dressing for success, an easy thing to do.

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