Express Yourself By Dressing Like You’re from the 1960s


Even today, we can’t get enough of 1960s fashion. The folks from the 1960s were so totally fabulous that they knew that the trends of the age would carry on for years to come. And they certainly have. Fashions trends from the 1960s just won’t die and that’s okay with us.
Unlike many of the previous decades, the 1960s didn’t see a single, overall style for the majority of the decade. The 60s were a tumultuous time in fashion as they were a tumultuous time in history. People changed what they were wearing significantly from one year to the next. Fashion was also determined by your social or political affiliations. The 1960s set the standard of how fashion trends change significantly from year to year.

To dress like you’re from the 60’s, make sure you opt for some of the following items.

– The miniskirt was a mainstay in the fashion world and took center stage throughout the decade. Therefore it is a very important item of clothing to wear for the 60’s look. The 1960s introduced the miniskirt which has since taken the fashion world by storm. To this day, the miniskirt is yet to die out. It merely fades away for a few years, but them comes back with a vengeance.

– Patent leather white go-go boots, paired with a mini-skirt was the ultimate threat. Historically, women’s fashions had been about modesty and propriety. However, they definitely said their final goodbyes in the 60s. Shorter was better in the 60s, especially for the younger generation. If you are looking for a hip 60’s look, go-go boots are a must.

– Another must-have is tights. Stockings with garters finally died in the 60’s and pantyhose, which resembled today’s tights, replaced them. They were so much more comfortable that they became an instant hit.

– Dresses were definitely still a popular choice for women in the 1960’s. Slim fitting sheath dresses that fall just below the knee were a hit in the early part of the decade and make a great choice if you are striving for that look. Stiletto heels and a pillbox type hat will complete the look.

– Another popular dress style in the 60s was A-line dresses. They were often paired with an A-line coat to complete the look. This ensemble is a perfect dress-up 60’s look.

– Interesting necklines on tops and dresses is also typical of the 60’s. Boat necklines, princess necklines, V-necks and decorative touches to the top of shirts, even ones trimmed with fur, are great choices for the look you are striving for.

– Trousers first became acceptable for women to wear in the 1960’s. This means tailored pants, capris, shorts and culottes matched with casual blouses are a great look to emulate too.

The 1960s were a turning point for fashion in so many ways. For this reason alone, it is a great era to adopt. After all, it’s time for 60s fashions to make a strong come back.

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