How to Dress Like Miranda Cosgrove

Miranda Cosgrove has a style that many tween girls love to emulate. One of the best things about Brenda Cosgrove’s style is that it is always age appropriate. She is very young and her style is always conscious of that. You will very rarely see her in plunging necklines, though she may wear a deep V-neck occasionally. Often, she wears t-shirts with a crew neck or with a scoop neckline.


Because she has so many premieres and photo sessions to pose for, Miranda Cosgrove wears a lot of dresses. Her dresses are generally either strapless or short sleeved with interesting necklines. She loves to wear dresses that have a lot of detail on them such as belts, contrasting blocks of color, ruffles, lace or tiny, intricate patterns.


With her dresses, Miranda Cosgrove likes to wear high-heeled pumps. Her heels are always in a color that matches closely with the color of her dress. She favors dark colors in her dresses and she loves to wear black high heels to match them. Her heels are usually very simple with no adornments or complicated patterns. They are generally in solid colors and they usually have thin heels rather than chunky heels. When she does have an adornment on her heels, it is usually nothing more than a small bow on the top.

Sometimes she wears flats with her dresses, though she seems to prefer her pumps. The flats are often Mary Jane flats with a thin strap across the top. This fits in well with her youthful style and her playful sense of fashion.

Casual Wear

Because she is so young, Miranda Cosgrove often dresses very casually when she’s not at an award ceremony or a premiere. One of her favorite outfits is a pair of jeans and a casual shirt. She loves to wear t-shirts with a printed pattern and seems to favor girlie floral patterns.

Her jeans are usually boot-cut jeans in dark blue denim. The jeans should not be too form fitting and should not be long enough to cover the shoe if you want to look like Miranda Cosgrove. The best way to wear these jeans to look more like her is to wear a pair of jeans in a dark color with either a slight flare or a boot cut. The jeans can then be paired with a long, patterned t-shirt. She loves to wear t-shirts in blue or in read with patterns printed either on the front or all over the shirt. The patterns can be either small or large, but they should have a floral theme.

Miranda Cosgrove has a number of short jackets that she wears over casual clothes. These leave the pattern of her t-shirt visible while adding a little extra style to her outfit. The jackets are usually very short and in a dark color to match her dark jeans. She usually wears dark-colored tennis shoes to go with the other dark colors that she favors. Solid-colored black tennis shoes are a favorite casual shoe.

One thought on “How to Dress Like Miranda Cosgrove

  1. Miranda Cosgrove

    I would like to say that this isn’t really how I would dress. I like Betsey Johnson dresses and leather jackets, and denim. I like floral dresses or dark dresses,dresses with always a pattern. I like boots,Doc Martens, and my ash shoes that have buckles on them.I usually like to shop at Forever 21. I love almost all there stuff. So thats basically my style. Oh what I do for makeup is I put some foundation on and some benefit blush and pink lipgloss. I always keep it simple when it comes to make up.
    So that my style.

    Love, Miranda

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