How to Dress Like You are From the 1970s


Dressing like you’re from the 70s is just fun. Everyone likes dressing in 1970s fashion. No matter how many years pass, the trends of the 70s never seem to get old. After all, people living in the 70s just wanted to have a great time and they had a great time from head to toe.

The 1970s spawned some of the most famous fashion trends to date. Images of celebrities in traditional 1970s attire are the ultimate inspiration for nostalgia and days gone by. After all, the Vietnam War was finally behind us and people were ready to have a good time in the 1970s. The economy was on the rise and it was time to party.

And party is exactly what they did. The 1970s were a time for disco dancing and all-night partying. When that kind of fun is going on, you need to be appropriately dressed for the festivities. The 1970s had no choice but to create some unique fashion trends to match the eccentricity of the age.
If you want to dress like you’re from the 70s there are definitely a few things you will have to invest in.

•    Skirts of all lengths are indicative of this era. Mini-skirts, midi-skirts and maxi-skirts like peasant skirts were all acceptable wear.

•    Platform shoes are a classic 70s look for both genders.

•    Bellbottom pants are the perfect choice for guys or girls.

•    Short shorts and crop tops are great choices for anyone who is comfortable bearing almost all.

•    Trouser suits and leisure suits, as well as flowing kaftans also make an instantaneous 70s outfit.

The details of your look are also important for anyone striving for a genuine 70s look. Shimmery eye shadows, frosted hair and golden tans of 70s beach babes are easy to emulate. The winged layers of Farrah Fawcett’s famous locks are another ideal look to complement your 70s look. Afro haircuts are also a hot style. To say that the fashions of the 1970s were colorful and unique would be the understatement of the century.

Having disco outfits for nights out is indicative of the 70s too. John Travolta’s white polyester suit will go down in infamy, as will his legendary dance moves from Saturday Night Fever. Hot pants are another ideal disco outfit. Satin jackets and men wearing medallions are also genuine 70s looks.

One of the most common fashion trends of the 1970s was the t-shirt. The standard men’s outfit consisted of a pair of jeans and a t-shirt. People took pride in creating their own t-shirts and used their personal style and creativity to make plain old t-shirts into something special. Even today, you can buy reproduction 70s style t-shirts in department stores and trendy boutiques. The t-shirts of the 70s are as iconic as Jacqui Kennedy’s Halston sunglasses. Tie-dye T-shirts are the absolute best way to quickly and easily recreate a 70s look on a budget.

If you want to dress like you’re from the 70s, you can easily get the look and the experience of this legendary fashion decade. Remember to go crazy with color and keep your outfits hippie-like.

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