How to Dress at 50 – Fashion Tips and What to Wear

The age of 50 is not as old as it once was. Many people are just as physically active in their 50s as they were in their 20s or 30s. The need to begin to dress like an elderly person is no longer felt by most people today when they reach their 50s. There is little need for a person to change their style much beyond what they wore in their 40s. However, there may be a few practical points that lend themselves to slight changes in style.

Many people in their 50s become grandparents and want to dress more conservatively because of it. This means items that are more classic in style and that are less attention-getting. Darker colors or outfits that are less revealing can often fill this need.

A change of shoe styles can often do this as well. Many women opt for chunkier heels in their 50s because of the discomfort of wearing the skinny heels they wore before. Other women start opting for flats or dressy shoes with laces for comfort. If you find heels or stiff leather shoes very uncomfortable, try on a few pairs of flats. Flats can come in very casual, canvas styles that are comfortable as well as cute or dressy leather styles that can be worn in the place of high heels.

Another change that can happen in your 50s is that you may start to carry more weight around the middle than before, even if you stay very active. This can lend itself to some embarrassment and the need to change clothing styles to accentuate other areas. Wearing items that are tight in the waist or items that require a belt may not be the best looks in your 50s.

Look for colors that will flatter your own coloring. It is easy to get washed out by lighter colors, and those may not look good on everyone. It may be that darker colors are flattering to your skin tone and your features. Try a few different colors and notice the way they make your face look. For those with very dark skin, a darker color will generally not accentuate your features. For those with very light skin, a light color can make your features disappear altogether.

The reason that trends are often not appropriate for people of this age is that by your 50s, you probably realize that not all trends look good of all people. At 50, most people have their own distinct style. No matter what the trends are, the best colors on you are the ones that accentuate your own unique coloring.

Once you have colors that you like, take a look at your best features and choose items that will emphasize them. If you want to emphasize your bust, wear items that are tailored at the bust line or that have a very high waist. A shift dress that skims your body without clinging to your stomach or hips is often flattering at 50, as are empire waist dresses.

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