What to Wear to a Rave – Fashion Tips and Clothing


When you are getting ready for a rave, it’s important to think about your comfort and safety. There are a lot of do’s and don’ts with rave dressing in order to keep from becoming injured and to allow yourself to have fun.


If you’re at a rave, expect to spend hours dancing. You might be there all night, so make sure you wear shoes that you can move in. If you wear high heels or uncomfortable boots, it will seriously impede your motion and keep you from dancing the night away. Opt for tennis shoes, flip flops or some other comfortable shoe that will allow you to keep going for as long as you like.

Comfortable Clothing

Many girls wear long skirts to raves because they are comfortable and they can be paired with anything. Many girls make their own long rave skirts out of vintage bed sheets or any type of loud fabric. Some rave skirts are made out of dark denim that grazes the floor. Some girls choose to wear miniskirts, but this can impede motion when the dancing gets fast and frenzied.

Peasant tops and halter tops are both acceptable for raves. With the long skirts, a peasant top competes the loose, flowy, comfortable look. With a miniskirt, a short top fits well into the theme of the outfit.

Whatever clothing style you choose, make sure you are wearing loud colors that can be seen from across the room. Wearing primary colors is a good way to make sure that your outfit gets attention. If you have any neon items or glow in the dark ones, these are perfect for a rave as well. Glittery items also work well because of the way they will sparkle under the flashing lights. If you don’t have any glitter on your clothing, you can add some with fabric paint or glitter glue.

If you know where the rave will be held, take that into consideration as well. Outdoors raves can be muddy, or there may be a foam pit there. Some people wear vinyl items to these types of raves to keep from being muddy and wet all night. For outdoors, you may need to incorporate a jacket or coat into our look. If it’s indoors and you know there won’t be foam, you can wear a cooler fabric and skip the jacket.


For guys, jeans are the most common item of clothing to wear. There are no hard and fast rules about what type of jeans to wear, but if they are decorated in some way, they may fit into the rave better. Wearing loud pants with bright colors on them or patterns such as plaid or polka dots are also a perfect looks for a rave.

Whatever type of pants you choose, they should be baggy and long. They can’t be too baggy if you’re going to a rave, and unless you are actually tripping over them, they can’t be too long. Look for pants that will fit in the waist to keep them from slipping down but that will be baggy everywhere else.

10 thoughts on “What to Wear to a Rave – Fashion Tips and Clothing

  1. Kristin

    This is all wrong. NOT in any way true, I don’t know where you get your facts from, but they lied to you, they wanted you to look like a complete imbecil.

  2. sammy

    ya i agree do not listen to this unless you want to look like a fool. wear booty shorts swim suit tops sports bra and anything in bright loud colors. do NOT wear long skirts or jeans you will sweat like crazy. My motto the less you wear the better!

  3. RaveRave

    you guys must go to some gay raves cuz i got huge yellow and orange pants with a glow in the dark shirt and i fit right in with everyone else. cuz they wear the same stuff XD

  4. maiko

    They are right about the booty shorts and swim suit tops. If you look at any gogo dancer or true raver who has been going for years that’s how they dress. But bright colors are essential too. You do fit in either way you go.

  5. Cognito

    I myself have never been to a rave, but considering the fact that people often dance at them for up to 6 hrs. or more at a time, and some ravers seem to have a penchant for Ecstasy, long clothing which covers a large area of skin is highly impractical. If you want my advice, get some comfortable shoes, short shorts and the smallest top you look good in, dunk them all in fluorescent paint, dye your hair the most obnoxiously bright color you can find, put on some shiny jewelry and you’re all set. You could use a wig to avoid hair damage, but this adds to the sweat factor.

  6. Bumble

    This is not WRONG, this is just how all the “cool” ravers dressed in the 90’s when raving was rampant. That said, this doesn’t mean I don’t think they looked like stupid imbeciles because they did.
    But I am surprised that all the rave-wear suggestions and even rave images that come up on google have still yet to be updated to within this century coz they’re all pretty 90’s to be honest.

  7. macie

    yea iv never really been to a rave but i like to hear from my friends and alot of othere realiable sources and they never said anything like this crap

  8. Anna

    hey i agree with ever body else. i was like brighter the better. im going to one this week and i want yellow and this fool talking long skrits..wat the hell

  9. Double Drop

    Rave wear back in the day for blokes and often for women too usually consisted of long-sleeved t-shirt, baggy jeans, bomber jacket, fleece or hoodie and walking boots or trainers.

    The fleece (Berghaus for authenticity) could be tied around your waist when things got hot and sweaty but was essential for silly o’clock in the morning when it got chilly and for the walk back to the car.

    Walking boots (Fila Trail Blazer or Timberland Hikers BITD) were also essential for trekking across fields trying to find the rig or just stomping in the inevitable mud.

    Long sleeve tees were cool enough to dance in but also offered some warmth when you stooped dancing or decided to go on a mission across the fields.

    Fashion may have moved on but the practicality remains. You have to plan for the morning as well as the dance floor. Obviously if you’re only going to a club wear whatever is fashionable this week but don’t forget you still have to leave at some point and it will most probably be a lot cooler than when you arrived and you’ll be saturated in sweat.

    Real rave has never been about fashion, it’s always been about the music.

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