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When Putting on a Shirt Should It Be the Neck or an Arm First? How to Put On a T-Shirt

Putting on a t-shirt is something people learn how to do when they’re young, but it is something that a lot of people re-examine as they get older. The problem that many see is that when putting on a shirt, they don’t want to stretch out specific parts of it. After a t-shirt has been worn a number of times, it may get stretched out in any number of places.

One of the most common places for stretching to occur is at the neck. When the neck of a t-shirt gets stretched out, it can cause the t-shirt to wrinkle around the neck. It can also cause the collar from lying flat against the skin. This can make the collar gap around the neck and can keep the t-shirt from looking the way the wearer intended it to look. Instead, a gaping neck can begin to look sloppy as it continues to be stretched out over time.

To keep a t-shirt from getting stretched out at the collar, many people try to put their arms through the t-shirt first. After the arms are partially through, the head can be put through the collar. This keeps the t-shirt wearer from having to pull the neck of the t-shirt down to angle the shirt for the arms.

If the head is put through first every time the t-shirt is worn, the neck may eventually get stretched out, but it is also possible to stretch out the arms of the t-shirt over time. If the neck of a t-shirt doesn’t seem to be stretching and the arms do, it might be time to reverse the way the t-shirt is being put on and start with the head first instead of the arms. This will keep the arms from stretching out when the t-shirt is being put on and it will put the stress instead on the neck hole.

It is possible to put on a t-shirt by putting both the arms and the head through the t-shirt at the same time. This will minimize any stretching on any one part of the t-shirt. To do this, put the t-shirt above your head and stretch your arms out into the inside. Then, put your hands through the arm holes. Let the t-shirt fall down over your head and move your arms to allow the t-shirt to slip downward.

For some people, getting the neck stretched out on the shirt is a necessary way to make the shirt more comfortable. If that’s the case, always put in the t-shirt head first. You will have to tug on the t-shirt to allow your head to get through first, and this will enlarge the neck over time. If you’re more comfortable putting on the t-shirt with your arms first, try stretching out the collar before you put on the shirt. If you get into this habit, you will be able to put on the shirt any way you like and still stretch the neck every time you put it on.

How Can I Tell If My T-Shirt Arms Are Too Small Or Big?

Wearing a properly fitting T-shirt will make all the difference in the world to your comfort level and the appearance you want to project. A tee that does not fit properly can make you appear sloppy, careless, overweight or underweight. Therefore, it is important to choose your T-shirts carefully and notice the details of how it fits for the best look possible. This means not only do you need to make sure your T-shirt is not too fitted or loose in the body nor too long or too short in length, but you also need to be sure that the shoulders fit properly and the arms of the T-shirt are neither too small nor too big.

It is rather easy to determine whether or not a T-shirt fits you properly in the bicep area of your arm. When you put on the T-shirt, your sleeve should touch your arm around the entire circumference of it. It should not be too snug. If it feels tight, then it is too small. If your movement is limited by the sleeve, you should opt for a larger size or a different cut or style of shirt. If your upper arm bulges out under the sleeve, it is also not a good fit.

Sometimes T-shirt arms can be too big, especially in the bigger sizes. If you are wearing a size large or bigger shirt, you should look out for sleeves that are too loose. If you lift your arms out straight from your body and see that your sleeves droop a lot, it means that they are too big. If the sleeves are too long, they will typically be too big too, therefore you may want to look into T-shirts that have shorter arms in their style.

For women, the length of the sleeve varies a lot. T-shirts are available with regular length sleeves that arrive mid-upper arm, cap sleeves that stop just below the shoulder and ¾ length sleeves that end below the elbow. If a regular T-shirt’s sleeves arrive just above the elbow, chances are they are too big for you. No matter what the arm style of your tee, the same rules apply when determining if a T-shirt’s sleeves fit properly. No bulging, no drooping and a close neat fit indicate that the arms fit well.

If you discover that your T-shirt wardrobe suffers from too many shirts will ill-fitting arms you may want to invest in new ones that flatter your arms. Luckily you will find that most manufacturers have standard sizing, so when you find a brand that works well for you, take advantage of it and get several in that brand. A great option is to invest in custom-made T-shirts. That way if some of your favorite tees have to move out of your wardrobe because the arms don’t fit right, you can have new ones made to replace them that replicate them perfectly.

Get your custom-made T-shirt today for arms that are always the perfect fit.